Lenovo Yoga 6 13″ Laptop Review


The Lenovo Yoga 6 13″ is an ultra-portable 2-in-1 PC with a 13.3-inch FHD display, Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, and an AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile Processor. It also comes with a premium textile cover and abundant SSD storage options.


A webcam is a crucial part of any laptop. The Lenovo Yoga 6 is no exception. But it is not the fastest or the best.

It could be a software problem or hardware defect if you have trouble using your camera. However, thereal simple troubleshooting steps can be done to get your webcam working.

First, you will want to ensure that you are using the right webcam. If you use Lenovo EasyCamera, ensure that you enable and disable the camera as needed.

If you are not using Lenovo EasyCamera, try resetting your camera to its default settings. This will ensure that the driver is up to date.

You can also try to fix the issue by adjusting your camera’s privacy settings. This will allow you to control who can view your photos and videos.

Dual USB-A ports

For a laptop that has a plethora of ports, the dual USB-A ports on the Lenovo Yoga 6 aren’t going to get the lion’s share of attention. However, the two can still be used in tandem to increase productivity without sacrificing connectivity. The port above duo supports fast data transfer at up to 10Gbps. The previous devices are accompanied by an included SSD drive which fits in the sleeve above but isn’t necessary. The two-port duo also supports a 100W pass-through the PD port, allowing for a smoother power flow. The device above also supports a single 4K display at 30Hz.

Aside from the ports above, the previous device is accompanied by a 3.5mm audio jack and a one-meter cable. The machine above is an impressive engineering feat and a joy to use.

Backlit keyboard

Lenovo’s Yoga 6 has an excellent keyboard, though not one that is as deep as the keys on MacBooks. However, while it’s not as good as an ultra-deep keyboard, the Yoga 6’s essential travel is better than most competitors. This is particularly true when it comes to typing long-form text.

The laptop has a backlit keyboard that can turn on and off. This makes it easy to use the computer in low lighting.

The backlight works with software called Vantage. The software manages the light and allows you to turn it on and off. It can also be turned on and off with a keyboard shortcut. You can use the function Fn and spacebar keys to turn it on and off.


Lenovo Yoga 6 is one of the most affordable Yoga models. The base model costs around $749, while the Pro version starts at $1,049 with an Intel Core i7 processor. In addition, the Yoga 6 is a powerful convertible worth considering if you want a mid-range laptop that doesn’t compromise on display quality.

The display on the Yoga 6 has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and an IPS panel. It has full sRGB coverage and a 1557:1 contrast ratio. The show is bright enough to work well indoors and is excellent for watching movies. The Lenovo Yoga 6 is also a solid choice for productivity work.

The battery on the Yoga 6 lasts for over 12 hours and 35 minutes. While this is not ideal for gaming, it’s not bad for a laptop. It has a 4-cell, 45 WH Lithium-ion polymer battery.


Lenovo makes several nifty devices, including the Yoga 6. If you’re looking for a computer that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, you can’t go wrong with this laptop. It’s packed with clever features and impressive specs.

It’s no gaming laptop but packs an AMD Radeon chip and the latest mobile computing technology. So you can play video games, surf the web, and even edit light photos. The Lenovo speakers aren’t as powerful as you’d hope, but they have voice settings and movie modes. The display isn’t quite as bright as a MacBook Air, but it still packs big FHD visuals.

Probably the most helpful feature of the Yoga 6 is its stain-resistant finish. This is good because you’ll want to protect your new laptop from spills and bumps.