Boat Rentals Cheap in Malta


Malta, an idyllic Mediterranean destination located between Sicily and North Africa, offers stunning ocean views and ancient sites to discover. Rent a private yacht to experience its marine wildlife, or visit Comino Island’s Blue Lagoon for breathtaking experiences! Discover the best info about renting a boat in Malta.

Deciding when to charter a yacht in Malta depends on your individual needs. If you prefer avoiding busy marinas and competing for limited mooring spaces, the off-season may be your answer.


Malta offers a Mediterranean climate, azure waters, and beautiful beaches – an ideal sailing destination. Comprised of three main islands, this idyllic nation provides cultural landmarks and an abundant marine wildlife population that are sure to enchant sailors of any ability.

Catamarans are the ideal way to explore the Mediterranean coast while discovering secluded coves and watching beautiful sunsets. They also make great family boats, providing ample room to spread out and spacious cabins that can comfortably fit up to 20 passengers. Plus, their increased stability over monohull yachts makes them the perfect solution for those prone to seasickness.

Catamarans offer the ideal way to explore Malta’s picturesque coast and diverse marine life. Situated in the Mediterranean, this sparkling archipelago of Malta, Gozo, and Comino boasts over 7,000 years of history that makes for an exciting sailing adventure!

If you’re planning on renting a Catamaran, be sure to book early to ensure availability. Many tours and popular destinations fill quickly during high season; additionally, check its specifications and requirements so as to avoid any surprises on board. For your safety and that of others onboard, it is also wise to hire an experienced skipper who will ensure all guests remain safe; sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats may come in handy to provide some sun protection in Malta.


Sailing in Malta can be an exceptional experience that provides access to hidden beaches, coves, and unspoiled islands. The archipelago lies south of Sicily and above North Africa’s coast; multiple cultures have shaped it over centuries of turbulent history. Charter a yacht and sail through its crystal-clear turquoise waters over Malta, Gozo, and Comino to uncover this remarkable location!

No matter if you’re relaxing on the beach, island hopping, or improving your sailing skills, Malta has the boat for you. Choose between renting a catamaran or a monohull. Catamarans offer more space, fast reaches, and a shallow draft for close mooring alongside shorelines, while their twin engines make them easy to maneuver in busy marinas.

Monohull sailboats are an excellent choice for people with limited space who wish to travel in comfort and style. Affordable and highly stable in rough waters, monohull sailboats make an inexpensive introduction to sailing for beginners as well. However, long journeys might not be best served with such boats due to fuel consumption issues.

Malta is at its finest from April to September, when temperatures are moderate and temperate. To rent a boat there, make sure to book early, as there may be early booking discounts ranging from 5% to 25%, depending on season and location.


Malta offers numerous cheap boat rentals. Choose between renting a rib or yacht to explore the islands at your own pace, taking a day trip with friends, or going on an island-wide private cruise for several weeks. Furthermore, hire a skipper to maximize your vacation and experience all that Malta has to offer – affordable boat rentals will let you experience its beauty first-hand!

There is an array of tour types available, and you must consider your budget when making a selection. Popular tours should be reserved well in advance so as to secure a spot during peak travel seasons.

An excellent way to discover Malta is by renting a catamaran. These multi-hull sailing vessels are excellent ways to discover Malta’s beaches and natural caves while giving passengers a relaxing way to see more of Malta than by foot alone. A catamaran rental offers the chance to escape the tourist whirlwind and spend a peaceful and serene time exploring this Mediterranean paradise.

Malta offers some excellent boat rental options during its spring and summer seasons when temperatures are warm enough for swimming, though winter seas can become rougher and windier.


Malta offers visitors of all kinds an unforgettable experience. Its beautiful waters, breathtaking beaches, and rich cultural heritage all draw them to this island nation. Sailing in Malta can be both thrilling and relaxing – but before booking one, it is essential to keep specific details in mind.

Prior to renting from any company, make sure they offer a range of boats that fit your needs and budget. Furthermore, check whether they provide a skipper or crew.

Malta offers several types of yacht rentals, such as sailboats and powerboats. Sailboats provide an exciting sailing experience, while powerboats make for fun family outings or romantic getaways.

Sailing Malta offers visitors an ideal way to appreciate its natural beauty and discover its fascinating past. Home to historic fortresses and temples, as well as idyllic blue waters and idyllic coastlines that attract sailors from across the world, Malta makes an excellent sailing destination.

Paradise Bay Beach in Malta is one of the premier locations for boating enthusiasts. It provides breathtaking views of the Comino and Gozo islands. This sandy shoreline and natural caves, popular among snorkellers, also serve as an excellent location for beach parties on weekends.