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India is home to numerous cultures and religions, including Jainism – an ancient faith that emphasizes peace through peaceful living and sacrifice. Find out the best info about Goibibo.

Start your day exploring Mount Abu’s famed temples, such as Delwara and Dilwara, before driving onward to Badrinath for a spiritual experience.

Jain Temples

Jain temples are exquisite combinations of religion and art that provide visitors with both spiritual enlightenment and breathtaking beauty. Boasting intricate carvings, sculptures, and serene environments that attract pilgrimage or tourism travelers from around the globe. Not only are Jain temples sources of religious inspiration, but they can also give one insight into its history and philosophy.

Jain temple architecture resembles that of both Hindu and ancient Buddhist architecture in many respects. A typical jain temple consists of a garbhagriha or sanctuary for the main idol, over which rises an elevated superstructure and one or more larger mandapa halls; decorated with ornamental spires known as shikara and some having four or five entrances (chaumukha/panchmukhi).

Adinath Temple, situated in Bhelpur in Uttar Pradesh, is dedicated to Lord Adinath – the first Tirthankara. It forms part of the Ellora Caves World Heritage Site and serves as an essential pilgrimage stop on the Jain pilgrimage circuit.

Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir is the oldest temple of the Digambar Jain sect and is located in Delhi’s heart. This red sandstone structure stands over 70 feet high and is revered as one of India’s finest religious structures. Of all 77 Jain temples found across Old Delhi, it provides peace and comfort to its devotees. The actual Interesting Info about MakeMyTrip.

Jain Tours

Jainism is an ancient religion in India characterized by asceticism and nonviolence in its teachings, with temples that display this rich cultural legacy clearly evident throughout Rajasthan and Gujarat. Visitors who wish to know more about India should make time for these sublime Jain temples that also offer pilgrims a peaceful retreat from pilgrimages as well as tourists alike.

Begin your tour with a full-day excursion from Hassan to one of the key Jain pilgrimage centers: Shravanabelagola. This town is best known for the massive monolith statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali – an Arihant from Jainism – located there and the Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony, which takes place here every 12 years.

On your return journey to Bangalore, stop in Moodbidri – known as “Jain Kashi” due to its 18 stunning Jain basadis – which are home to 18 Jain basadis. Dhawalas (Jainism’s holy scriptures written on palm leaves) are also very prevalent here. Drive onward to Venur, known for its 38-foot-tall monolithic statue of Bahubali.

As soon as you’ve explored your surroundings, check into your hotel and stay the night. On day two of your tour, visit Ranakpur’s Jain temples, renowned for their intricate carvings and sculptures, as well as other beautiful temples in Ranakpur. Look into the Best info about Airbnb.

Jain Travel Agents

Travel agents play an essential role in the tourism industry and assist tourists with selecting appropriate travel packages to fit their individual needs. Furthermore, they provide valuable insight into local culture, cuisine, and customs and can suggest great places for sightseeing that help their clients make the most out of their holiday and save money at the same time.

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Jain Travel Packages

Jain travel packages are a fantastic way to experience India’s diverse heritage and spirituality, providing a comprehensive tour with unforgettable memories. Jain pilgrims travel to destinations that convey messages of peace, non-violence, and love, while many shrines hold significance due to their relationship to Tirthankars or the history of Jainism.

NFTT provides Jain tour packages in Mumbai, and their experienced team can customize them according to your requirements and offer discounted airfares that save time and money. In addition, this agency arranges pure vegetarian meals so travelers have a safe and pleasant journey.

Experience one of Rajasthan’s most revered Jain temples: Ranakpur is revered as a holy site as it’s thought that three Jain Tirthankars were born here, and many attained Nirvana there. Additionally, photography and architecture enthusiasts often travel here due to its beautiful carved marble structures – it also makes an excellent destination for photography lovers and architectural fans. Furthermore, your tour package also includes visits to Pushkar and Agra so you can admire the Taj Mahal! It is ideal for families or groups looking to experience how Jainism influences India today!