Emmiol Clothing Reviews


Emmiol is an up-and-coming fashion-forward brand gaining momentum on social media, offering affordable clothing lines designed to make a statement piece. They also strive to be environmentally responsible.

The brand sells thousands of styles categorized as retro, graphic, the 90s, and Y2K trends – an impressive feat – but raises questions regarding its ethical business practices.

Ethical business practices

Fashion industry practices that exploit workers make it hard to determine whether a brand’s business practices are ethical. Fast fashion companies release up to 52 “micro-seasons” each year and often resort to unethical business practices like modern slavery and environmental pollution to keep prices low; additionally, these brands often carry thousands of styles leading to overconsumption and wastefulness.

Though Emmiol offers affordable clothing prices, their ethical concerns still arise from using polyester/cotton blend fabrics rather than organic fabric options for production. Customers have reported issues with size, quality complaints, and poor customer service from Emmiol. Furthermore, their supply chain remains opaque despite claims to uphold fair trade and ethical standards through strict guidelines for suppliers; moreover, they do not practice sustainable production nor provide any information regarding environmental impact; furthermore, they primarily utilize polyester/cotton blend fabrics which have less sustainable potential than organic fabrics when producing their clothing.

Value for money

Though many questions whether Emmiol is legitimate or a scam, this company provides excellent value for your money. Their adorable yet budget-friendly pieces make the perfect combination of cute trendy pieces with Instagram-worthy pieces – making Emmiol perfect for fashion enthusiasts on a tight budget! Furthermore, Emmiol provides clothing styles from vintage-themed outfits, Y2K trends, and 90s grunge that is Instagram-worthy and affordable.

Notably, however, is that the quality of their products may not meet expectations; since Shein is well known for reselling fashionable higher-end items at lower prices than their competitor stores like AliExpress, you should not expect that same quality when shopping AliExpress.

Emmiol not only offers fashionable clothing but strives to be more environmentally conscious than other fast fashion retailers by manufacturing when items run out, which saves water and energy consumption. They are also working towards lessening their impact on the planet by planting trees and supporting animal welfare groups – and a commitment to customer satisfaction that has earned them positive customer reviews.


Shopping for clothes online can save time and money while giving you access to a more extensive selection of products. But before making your purchase, be sure to read reviews about Emmiol as one way of checking the legitimacy of companies you deal with online.

While most reviews for Emmiol are positive, you may come across some false ones from competitors trying to influence thoughts by placing fake ones online. They’re easy to spot; overall, Emmiol offers a safe and reliable shopping experience.

Emmiol is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce brand specializing in women’s clothing. Produced using Chinese and American manufacturers, Emmiol uses sustainable methods to reduce waste and environmental impact; their factory only has clothing when their inventory runs out; this saves water and trees and offers fair pricing, making Emmiol an excellent way to stay trendy with fashion trends.

Customer service

Emmiol boasts an outstanding customer service team that quickly responds to customer inquiries via phone or email, fast shipping times, and competitive prices; plus, their clothing caters specifically to young, fashion-loving girls – garnering excellent reviews across social media.

The company website features an in-depth FAQ page that answers many frequently asked questions. Their return policy is straightforward, as customers contact customer service for authorization before following instructions on their site to return products.

While some users have complained of poor customer service, others have noted that the company offers unique and stylish clothing at reasonable prices while also making an effort to give back to the community and the environment. Their products also tend to be of superior quality to similar apps such as Romwe, with more styles and coupons than competitors as well as offering more comprehensive ranging sizes options than their competition.