Merica Clothing Review


Thomas has the right idea: fashion must be reinvented with new materials, such as lab-grown or recycled fibers. She recognizes visionaries like Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin clothing made of fabric grown locally in Florence, Alabama, and Stella McCartney, who refuses to use leather or fur in her collections, as leaders who are revolutionizing fashion today.

Made in America

Wigwam founder’s goal when opening his first store in an old auto dealership showroom was to save and create American jobs. Now his company offers socks, tees, bags, and other essentials 100% made in America.

President Biden holds that when taxpayers foot the bill, those funds should go toward investing in American workers and manufacturers. President Biden recently signed an executive order to strengthen domestic supply chains by applying enhanced price preferences to domestic products manufactured here as evidence of his commitment.

American Trench in Philadelphia produces all their socks, beanies, parkas, and parka accessories in-house – from socks and beanies to parkas – sewn entirely within the United States. Although some fabrics and yarn used may come from overseas suppliers, American Trench ensures customers know which are authentic when placing orders. Pendleton is another company emphasizing localization through weaving wool blankets in colors designed to match each national park landscape.

Made in the USA

As you shop for clothing, you must know precisely what you buy. While it is increasingly challenging to locate authentically American-made goods, some brands remain committed to producing American-made t-shirts – Pendleton offers its National Parks series, which matches up colors with the scenery of various U.S. destinations.

American Trench of Philadelphia offers clothing explicitly designed to emulate its namesake trench coat, such as socks, beanies, parkas, and leather goods modeled on it – including socks, beanies, and parkas – made in America. Some items do not originate domestically, but each product displays the percentage of domestic fabric and yarn content comprising its production.

Upstate Stock of New York provides American-made hats and gloves, with each product entry noting what percentage of materials come from this country. Be wary of any labeling scams concerning “Made in USA” products!