Frugal Male Fashion on Reddit


2. Invest in a good pair of shoes

Shoes are essential components of your look and wardrobe. With proper care, a good pair should last you years of use season after season – not only does it show your individuality and enhances an outfit’s potential, and its comfort can make or break an ensemble! A well-made shoe requires anywhere between 68-390 steps for completion – well worth investing in health and fashion – especially when purchased on sale!

3. Make the most of your wardrobe

Every piece of clothing you purchase incurs financial and environmental costs, so understanding how best to utilize your wardrobe is essential for frugal living and sustainability.

Having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear is an all too common occurrence, not to mention expensive and wasteful, as these funds will likely end up going unused.

Step one in optimizing your wardrobe is conducting a proper closet clean-out. Start by gathering all your clothes together, sorting them by keep, donate, or consign piles – being honest about which items don’t belong is crucial – don’t hold onto things you wouldn’t purchase in-store if necessary!

After creating a section in your closet with wearable items (dresses, tops, pants, or skirts), go through each item and consider whether you would wear it again. It may help to try the thing on so that you can assess if any modifications or adjustments need to be made to ensure its optimal fit.

Finally, dispose of anything that no longer serves its intended purpose, whether because it’s too large or small, no longer fits your style, or fulfills an essential function in your life. Donate or trade these items with friends.

Once you understand what’s in your wardrobe, take some time to research trends. Browse magazines and fashion blogs for ideas; also watch what people wear on the street; this may indicate what might become popular trends.