Greek Capital Management for Fraternity and Sorority Presidents and Treasurers


Greek Capital Management makes life simpler for chapter presidents and treasurers by making dues collection easy, avoiding IRS audits, and ensuring their membership benefits from getting the maximum value out of GCM membership. Give GCM a try now for yourself for free!

According to those familiar with the matter, KKR reduced its exposure to Greece late last year, but York is increasing their holdings, according to sources familiar with it. Other private funds with small wagers on Greece include Third Point.

Collect Dues More Effectively

Greece, as the third-largest economy, is an excellent investment destination. Offering an inviting legal and fiscal environment to foreign investors and working tirelessly to attract capital investment. Greece’s government has also implemented economic reforms outlined in EU bailout programs and an investment incentive framework that offers tax relief, cash grants, leasing subsidies, and soft loans for private enterprises that meet specific requirements. Greece boasts an established and competitive stock market and an active banking system with active intermediation services.

After experiencing economic turmoil that led to an accumulation of nonperforming loans (NPLs), Greece’s banking system successfully cleared its NPL portfolio through securitized loan packages sold to international funds and resumed robust economic growth in 2021, coupled with accommodating monetary policies has helped banks increase liquidity. Furthermore, Law No 4738/2020 expanded insolvency legislation further.

Due to the high demand for debt recovery services, Greece’s non-performing loan (NPL) market continues to attract domestic and international companies and funds. The sale and transfer of NPLs along with Hercules will aid in further reduction of outstanding balances by 2021 and beyond.

Greece boasts a comprehensive legal system that protects property rights for foreign and Greek nationals and has signed numerous international treaties that facilitate capital mobility. Furthermore, an efficient and transparent financial market exists within Greece, with its central supervisory authority overseeing brokerage firms, asset management companies, mutual fund management companies, portfolio investment companies, real estate investment trusts, credit intermediation agencies, and clearing houses.

Utilizing Greek capital management can assist your chapter or colony collect dues more effectively and paying its taxes on time. It also provides invaluable help for treasurers, presidents, and other officers who need to track and manage their finances, from dues collection to event planning. Its intuitive yet simple platform will keep your chapter organized while meeting all IRS obligations, such as filing Form 990s on time.

Avoid IRS Audits

Greece may often be perceived as a source of problems, yet increasingly, it is becoming an innovator and solution leader. From energy diplomacy and defense, high-tech innovation in healthcare delivery, and green energy initiatives to global cooperation on climate change mitigation efforts, Greece is making strides to ensure solid economic growth and stability domestically and abroad.

Greece continues to attract foreign investment despite its struggling economy, thanks to a bank system that has been successfully recapitalized and boasts strong liquidity and capital buffers, lending domestic businesses accessing credit from it, as well as non-performing loans (NPLs) being sold and purchasing NPLs from domestic as well as foreign companies and funds, signaling a healthy market for this asset class.

Greece has taken steps to ease business investment, including streamlining the process for tax exemption applications and passing fast-track legislation for strategic investments. In addition, International Financial Reporting Standards have been adopted and improved transparency for listed companies; foreign investors are welcome in Greek stock markets while its legal system safeguards property rights equally for both Greeks and non-Greek nationals.

Foreign businesses frequently report the complexity of Greek regulations and procedure redundancies as significant investment obstacles. Without an overall governing body and multiple agencies involved in regulation processes, some firms opt not to invest in Greece due to heavy bureaucracy and an ineffective legal system.

Kappa Sigma joined forces with Greek Capital Management to address these obstacles by creating an all-in-one chapter management platform. This service assists officers, particularly treasurers, by decreasing time spent on administrative tasks like accounting and payments. Treasurers using GCM can concentrate their energies on planning events to foster brotherly bonds, while GCM helps with everything from collecting dues, bill payments, communication, and philanthropic event planning. GCM can even assist nonprofits with filing the IRS 990s required from all nonprofits, freeing the fraternity to focus on its goals and priorities without administrative concerns weighing heavily on it. Cost-effective payment and reporting processes made easier!

Get money Credit Cards.

Maintaining a sorority or fraternity can be time-consuming and cumbersome, yet GCM offers support by helping treasurers and presidents manage their businesses effectively while saving money. We do this by providing complete communication tools and becoming the chapter or colony’s central business location for filings like annual 990s via our intuitive iPhone app.

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Make Payments Easier

Fraternities must navigate their finances with precision to remain viable; otherwise, they risk forfeiting activities and services offered to members, fines from tax filing authorities, and loss of standing at universities and national levels, as well as energy draining from member engagement efforts that lead to decreased energy and momentum for chapters.

Greek Capital Management provides chapters with tools tailored to Greek organizations’ specific needs, eliminating much of the guesswork involved with payment processing and financial reporting. So they can focus on planning events and bonding with brothers!

GCM provides a fully digital banking platform explicitly tailored for Greek life. It accepts credit, debit, and ACH payments and sends payment reminders directly to members; manages events; provides tax advice; even helps in filing non-profit 990 returns – and allows treasurers and presidents to oversee financial matters and chapter routines efficiently and effectively.

New iPhone apps allow members to quickly check their balances, submit bills, and pay dues promptly and efficiently. In addition, gMoney cards can be pre-loaded with funds, so spending becomes simpler while eliminating paper contracts; Apple Pay support makes using gMoney cards even simpler! Only authorized officers may spend the pre-loaded money; online reporting shows who has spent money pre-loaded onto cards and where. This data helps treasury and finance committee members make sound decisions regarding managing chapter finances effectively.