Students enrolled at Ignou can use the login process to gain access to academic details like identity cards, term results, and course registration forms – as well as access their revaluation forms. Find out the best info about IGNOU.

Utilizing this portal is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing candidates to log in by inputting their enrollment number and captcha code. Should anyone forget their username or password, there is a reset option.


Registration at IGNOU is mandatory for students taking various courses at this University. Registration enables IGNOU to identify and assign students to regional centers, link exam results accurately with student profiles, and disseminate comprehensive study materials to its students. Students should always keep their enrollment numbers for future reference.

Registering for IGNOU term-end exams through their respective regional centers ensures eligibility and provides accurate examination center details. Registration can be done quickly online: provide an email address, phone number, and course code before selecting an examination date and paying any applicable fees.

After successfully submitting the registration form, students will receive their IGNOU student ID card as proof of enrollment status in the University. They can use it to access various resources like libraries and gain information regarding their studies. It will also serve as identification during exams; no one will be admitted without it.

IGNOU Student ID Cards also serve as valid documents when applying to its PhD and MPhil programs. In order to be considered eligible, a candidate must hold a master’s degree in an appropriate subject (philosophy or social work, for instance). Furthermore, at least two years must have passed at a university level prior to applying.

IGNOU Student ID cards provide students with easy access to their account and academic records, download assignment marks, check their registration status for the next semester, and verify their identity through uploading documents or verifying identity.

Students enrolled for IGNOU’s January 2024 session can now log in using their 10-digit enrollment number to check their admission status, thanks to IGNOU upgrading its system to accommodate new enrollment numbers. To do this, visit their university website and select ‘Admission’ before being taken directly to the main page of the student portal, which displays your admission status.

Enrollment number

As soon as you enroll in an IGNOU course, a unique enrollment number identifying your student account is assigned to you. This enrollment number serves as your key access to various IGNOU online services such as admissions, registrations, assignment submissions, fee payments, and certificate downloads; additionally, it gives you a chance to track application status and monitor progress, as well as retrieve forgotten usernames.

IGNOU Student Login Portal serves as the gateway to all its online services and can be accessed using your enrollment number, user ID, and password. Your user ID will arrive either as part of a confirmation email from the University or can be found on your ID card. In order to log in successfully, you will need your username and password as well as your captcha code.

Once logged in successfully, you will be directed to your student portal, where you can see all the courses for which you are registered. If any issues arise when trying to log in successfully, please reach out for help at the IGNOU help center.

As a new IGNOU student, you may be curious as to how you can verify your admission status. While text messages and emails will notify you of this status change, it’s also wise to independently confirm this information by visiting either IGNOU’s website or the student app.

Checking your admission status can also be done using your control number, which is automatically generated after submitting and paying the application fee. This number consists of 10 digits followed by alphabetic characters. If you don’t have one yet, enter your IGNOU enrollment number into the captcha field to check the status instead.

IGNOU recently changed its system for new candidates enrolling. Prior to January 2024, students received 9-digit enrollment numbers; now, using 10-digit numbers, they may experience issues when trying to log in; in this instance, you may enter your captcha or change your password as a solution.

IGNOU has introduced a mobile application designed to keep their students up-to-date on course news and announcements more easily. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and has features that make learning more straightforward, such as chat functions, which allow students to communicate among themselves regarding assignments, projects, exams, and exam preparation. Furthermore, the app assists them with planning study schedules and keeps them informed of important announcements.


IGNOU is one of the world’s largest open universities and offers students many opportunities. Offering classes across various subjects, including arts, sciences, and social work. Their main campus is located in New Delhi, with numerous regional centers throughout India and off-campus centers located throughout various countries worldwide. Furthermore, their student portal allows users to check admission statuses, re-registration details, and course materials quickly.

Once registered on the student portal, students can easily log into their accounts using their enrollment number and password. The process is quick and user-friendly – the University makes it incredibly straightforward for its students. Once in, students can easily access course materials, submit assignments, and receive grades; plus, they can contact regional study centers directly if additional assistance is necessary.

After successfully registering at IGNOU, students will receive their enrollment numbers by mail from the University. To log in to their courses and assignments on the portal, students should click “Login” from the homepage of their IGNOU student portal, enter their username and password, and then click “Login” again before accessing their accounts.

No matter if you are an existing or prospective student of IGNOU, you must know how to utilize their Student Portal. This portal features a calendar, assignments, discussion forum options, and download transcripts and certificates in PDF format.

IGNOU’s online portal provides prospective and current students with a convenient resource to monitor their academic progress, with simple navigation that’s available 24-7 and dedicated support teams ready to answer any of your queries or address any concerns that may arise.

As part of their registration process, students should ensure they have all the necessary documents required for admission and an accurate email address that allows for more accessible contact. Once enrolled, IGNOU students can use their student portal to check their admission status and update documentation regularly – the University suggests this to avoid delays in receiving confirmation of admission status; should ineligibility arise, students can check it online on their portal before reaching out to their regional office or study center directly with any inquiries or further updates.

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