Hammerschmid Clothing Reviews


Hammerschmid is a family-run business in Upper Bavaria, Germany, specializing in authentic traditional clothing. Their clothes incorporate traditional forms and styles with modern trends to create a unique, elegant look. Typical pieces include dirndls and leather trousers. Country-style jackets are also available in sophisticated color combinations.


The family-run brand Hammerschmid is based in Upper Bavaria, Germany, and offers traditional dress with modern twists. The range of traditional attire includes dirndls, leather trousers, country-style jackets, and more. Each garment combines traditional forms and styles with modern trends to create timeless, elegant, and stylish pieces. In addition to their unique designs, they offer a range of complementary accessories.

The company started as a cloth and yard goods business in 1951 and soon began selling ready-to-wear items. Since then, the company has grown to become one of Germany’s top manufacturers of traditional costume fashion. The company now offers a wide range of items, including dresses, sweaters, and skirts.


Hammerschmid Clothing is one of the top manufacturers of traditional costume fashion. Its designs are both elegant and timeless. Whether you’re looking for a holiday costume or a workwear outfit, you’ll find a design that fits your personality. Its extensive collection includes men’s, women’s, and children’s options. Its range also includes trend-oriented classics.


A family-run business in Upper Bavaria, Germany, Hammerschmid creates authentic traditional dress. The clothing range combines traditional forms with modern trends to create beautiful and sophisticated looks. The collection includes dirndls, leather trousers, and country-style jackets. The pieces are often adorned with beautiful horn buttons and feature edelweiss and hunting motifs.

The company began in 1951 as a cloth and yard goods company. The company’s products featured Bavarian patterns and designs, and it achieved millions in turnover in its first 15 years. Eventually, the company began adding ready-to-wear items. The company’s design team, led by Heinz Hammerschmid, created all the designs for these ready-to-wear items. In the 1980s, Hammerschmid diversified into traditional costume fashion for ladies. The company is now one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of traditional costumes.


The family-run Hammerschmid company specializes in authentic traditional dress. Combining traditional forms with modern trends, their clothing is designed for everyday wear and special occasions. Typical elements such as leather trousers and dirndls combine fresh designs and sophisticated color combinations. Traditional clothing items can be purchased online and at selected local shops.

Karl Hammerschmid founded the company in 1951. Initially, the company sold clothes and yard goods. These clothes mainly featured Bavarian motifs. The company’s turnover had grown to millions of euros within fifteen years. The company also branched out into ready-to-wear items. Besides the tablecloths, they also produced a range of ladies’ traditional costumes. Since then, Hammerschmid has become one of Germany’s leading producers of traditional costume fashion.