Noize Winter Jackets Canada Reviews


To buy a new winter jacket, you need to know what to look for. Considering the many types and brands of winter jackets available, you might want to look for a jacket designed with specific features. For example, do you need waterproof one? If so, you need a jacket that can withstand the elements; a thin jacket might not be enough.

Animal rating

Noize is an upscale brand that focuses on cruelty-free outerwear. Its products are made from sustainable materials and use materials that are free of animal byproducts, including faux fur. In addition, the brand emphasizes innovation by using textiles that use more environmentally friendly processes. Further, Noize believes that science can reduce the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry. Their products are also comfortable and durable, making them an excellent choice for cold-weather wear.

Noize’s jackets are certified vegan and use a medium percentage of recycled materials. This reduces its carbon footprint. However, the company does not publish enough information about its labor practices or use of water, energy, and hazardous substances. However, it has been listed as a vegan brand by PETA.

Labor rating

Noize offers a broad range of affordable outerwear designed with an eco-friendly focus in Canada. The company designs and develops unique seasonal collections that feature materials that are free of chemicals, harmful materials, and animal by-products. In addition, Noize focuses on using high-quality vegan leather and faux fur. As a result, Noize winter jackets Canada receives an ‘it’s a start’ labor rating for their environmental impact. The company limits the use of water, wastewater, and chemicals.

Environment rating

Noize Winter Jackets Canada is a company specializing in wind-resistant, vegan outerwear. The brand’s jackets are recycled and feature organic hemp as the primary material. They also insulate with PET faux-fur, which is an eco-friendly material. In addition, the company abides by ethical labor practices. They also provide a living wage to their suppliers.

The brand offers a wide range of winter jackets that are comfortable, stylish, and good for the environment. The faux-fur trim and high-quality vegan leather make these coats an excellent option for the colder months. They also have a range of styles available for under $250.


There are a variety of different Noize winter jackets available for purchase in Canada. The insulation of these jackets is provided by the air gaps in the fabric that trap body heat and keep it from getting married to the cold environment. The fill weight, or the amount of polyester fibers inside a jacket, is also a factor in its warmth. Generally, the higher the fill weight, the more air pockets and clusters of polyester fibers it contains. This increases the jacket’s overall warmth, but the weight will be heavier.

Thickness is another essential feature of winter jackets. Usually, thicker jackets are more suitable for colder weather, while thinner ones are suited for mild temperatures. If you live in an area that experiences wind chill, choose a jacket with a hood with a fur trim to keep the cold out. Another essential feature is that the jacket should be water-resistant and made of polyester fabric to keep you dry.


Insulation is critical for choosing a winter jacket, and Noize winter jackets Canada has it in spades. The vegan-certified brand makes its coats and jackets using animal-free and vegan materials, and they are made from wind and water-resistant fabrics. The company also offers a five-year warranty for its outerwear.

The insulation level in a Noize winter jacket in Canada depends on its fill and thickness. The higher the fill, the greater the warmth of the jacket. The higher the fill, the more polyester fiber clusters and air pockets the jacket will have. Likewise, a heavier jacket will provide more insulation.

Another factor in the insulation of a winter jacket is the type of material used for the insulation. Some jackets use down, while others use synthetic fibers. Synthetic fiber insulation is made from fibers that are bonded together with heat. Continuous insulation, meanwhile, uses long strands of fiber to mimic the feel and look of down.