Hayley Law Is a Promising Actress With a Promising Filmography


Hayley Law has made headlines for her portrayals of intelligent, sensual women, such as Valerie Brown in Riverdale and Lizzie Elliot in Altered Carbon. Still, acting is only one facet of her talents.

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Hayley Law is best known for her recurring role as Valerie Brown on Riverdale on The CW network series Riverdale; fans will also recognize her from Altered Carbon as Lizzie Elliot or in Hive Mind as Lizzie Elliot. As a Canadian actress, she is no stranger to teenage content, with an extensive film and television career under her belt.

Hayley Law made quite an impression debut as Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats on Riverdale, receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike for her performances on this hit CW series. Unfortunately, however, Hayley may no longer be returning; recently, it was announced by the cast that Hayley would not return in Season Six; her departure coincides with the rising controversy surrounding Riverdale’s treatment of POC characters; in addition to Hayley Bromfield and Vanessa Morgan have also left Riverdale over this matter.

Hayley Law has signed on for some new projects outside Riverdale. She’ll play Tess in Spontaneous, an adaptation of Aaron Starmer’s novel by Awesomeness Films starring Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer as she portrays Mara Carlye’s best friend and confidant before events at her school begin to alter her outlook on life, leaving her wondering whether it is worthwhile living.

The law was happy to connect with the interview over Zoom to discuss her work on an upcoming film. She expressed delight at being given this chance: “It was wonderful having this chance to do something a bit different from Riverdale,” she stated, adding, “This script had something special about it.” Asked in an interview about instant chemistry with co-star Ben Rosenfield and preparation for this role, Law stated, “When I read the script, I knew something special was in store.”

Altered Carbon

Those still craving cyberpunk neo-noir after watching Blade Runner 2049 and Westworld will find satisfaction in Altered Carbon on Netflix. Set in Bay City – an alternate futuristic version of San Francisco – Altered Carbon explores themes relevant to our modern world through 10 episodes set over time.

One of the central themes in Altered Carbon is capitalism’s perverse aspects. Wealthier characters known as Meths have access to mind transplantation technology called sleeves that allow them to transfer consciousness between bodies – creating a system in which healthcare becomes a luxury compared to our current healthcare system, where millions lack access to essential medicines and preventive treatment.

Another theme explored in the show is the tension between technology and society, exploring such topics as gender identity, human-machine interface, the internet’s effects on reality and subjective versus objective facts, the impact of technology on culture, its effect on daily lives, etc.

The show is both intricate and visually arresting. Using light and color creates an immersive sense of time and space, drawing inspiration from filmmakers such as Ridley Scott and the Wachowski sisters. Action sequences feature hand-to-hand combat and gunplay in exciting, novel ways.

Though complex, this show remains accessible and will appeal to a broad audience. With its diverse cast of characters – featuring prominent women of color as well as powerful female freedom fighters like Hayley Law’s Lizzie Elliot, who turned into a deadly vigilante after she was murdered as a sex worker – and their motivations all playing out onscreen, this story delivers all-consuming drama while being deeply humanizing as it tackles matters that impact all our lives today.

Law is an accomplished actress, appearing in numerous films and television projects. She played Valerie in Riverdale and Josie from Josie and the Pussycats. Altered Carbon allows Law to showcase more nuanced aspects of her acting; she balances a tough-ass assassin with an emotionally damaged woman who still bears scars from their past lives in perfect balance.

Mark & Mary & Some Other People

Hayley Law is a young actress who has quickly made a name for herself with her acting and singing abilities. Most notably, Hayley plays Valerie Brown on Riverdale on Netflix and Altered Carbon; two movies will come out later that year, and she also stars on Door Mouse with The CW network.

Law has an exceptional sense of humor and can effortlessly balance serious drama with light-hearted comedy, creating likable characters the audience can relate to – like her portrayal of Mary from Mark & Mary as someone searching for themselves and finding their place in life, with lots of skepticism about marriage as evidenced in this role.

Mark & Mary is Hannah Marks’ second film and follows a young married couple attempting to have an open relationship. It premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2021 with positive reviews; its comedy was mixed with severe moments as it examined some of the risks of getting married too young while celebrating loving relationships and finding oneself.

Beginning their story at a convenience store where Mary is purchasing pregnancy tests, Mary and James immediately start dating. Their relationship soon progresses into romance before Mary suggests ethical non-monogamy as an option for them both.

There may be issues with some of the dialogue in this film, yet this does not lessen your enjoyment of it as an experience. The characters are incredibly likable, and their conversations feel natural and genuine. Additionally, Lea Thompson, Nik Dodani, Sofia Bryant, Kelli Berglund, Steve Little, and Gillian Jacobs provide impressive supporting cast performances.

This film provides an engaging take on modern relationships, with no effort put forth into explaining away their marriage or its flaws. Instead, it shows them openly some unpleasant encounters between them, which benefits them.

Door Mouse

Hayley Law stars in Avan Jogia’s feature directorial debut, Door Mouse. This neo-noir mystery thriller vibrates with style and flashy colors as its central figure, Mouse, dances an irreverent routine at a decrepit burlesque club run by Mama (Famke Janssen). When one of her best friends, Doe Eyes, goes missing, but no police investigation seems to care, it falls to Mouse and Ugly to dig deep to discover what has occurred.

Jogia also wrote the screenplay for this movie, currently filming in Canada; Highland Film Group already holds sales rights to it and stars Keith Powers, Famke Janssen, and Donal Logue in it.

Law’s movie will serve as an incredible showcase and prove she is more than just an attractive face; she can hold her own against some of Hollywood’s top actors. Additionally, Law has several significant projects lined up with Charlie Plummer and 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford as co-stars.

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