How to Add Beach Decor to Your Home


Whether you’re decorating your home for a family vacation or to live on a budget, there are many ways to bring beach decor to your home. Whether you want your decor to be simple and relaxed or calming and natural, there are plenty of ideas to consider. Here are a few ideas to get your decor started in the right direction. The colours you choose should reflect your taste and style. You can also get creative and use the colors and styles of your favorite places.


Using coastal elements in your home is a fun way to decorate a room. Seashells and driftwood are popular beachside décor items, but you can also use your creativity to create unique items. For example, you can create a glass jar that holds a trio of seashells. This can be a functional piece of decor for your home and can also be used as storage. Another great coastal accent is a two-toned shell vase. You can fill it with seagrass and raffia to create a unique look. This decorative item will give your entryway table texture and add a coastal vibe.

Another beach-themed accent is a beach sign, which reminds you of your favourite days at the beach. This sign is a great addition to your beach house; its simple yet stylish font makes it look amazing. Alternatively, you can also repurpose local driftwood for a simple DIY project. You can use pieces that are similar in size to form the shape of love, and you can hang them on the wall to add a beachy touch to your home. This decor piece will also make a lovely gift for a beach wedding.

You can also use nautical accents to create a beach-themed home. A Martha Stewart beach caddy can be used in the guest bathroom, home office, or on the coffee table in the living room. A wicker TV tray is a great accent piece for a beach-themed bedroom. Alternatively, you can find DIY nautical accessories, like a nautical-themed starfish pencil holder, at a craft store. You can even make your sails with a drill and fabric if you’re more artistic.


Meaghan and Jesse’s wedding was decorated in a relaxed beach decor style. The predominant colour palette included soft blues and whites, with touches of green foliage. Coastal elements included white flowers and wooden signposts that added depth and dimension. The cake was made with a beach-themed flower design and tied into the overall decor.


Natural beach decor is easy to update your home without breaking the bank. This style consists of beachy accents such as sea shells, driftwood, rope, and rocks. These accents can be used to enhance the overall appeal of the room and will give it a more casual beach atmosphere. In addition to beach decor accents, you can also incorporate nautical accents into your room.

The colours you choose for your natural beach decor are light, calming, and relaxed. Try to use white walls and other white elements to amplify the feeling of spaciousness. Also, ensure natural light is let into the room using sheer curtains. You can add a few accent pieces if you prefer a more traditional colour palette.

Natural beach decor requires some organic elements to balance the contemporary pieces. Besides real pieces of seashells, you can also use repurposed driftwood. Seashells and other sea creatures are also a great way to add a natural touch to a space. Use caution when bringing in natural items as they may contain live animals.

Another way to bring the sea into your home is with seashells and corals. These treasures are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These pieces make wonderful tabletop and shelf displays and can also be used to create wall art. They look beautiful and grouped to reinforce the theme of a beach house. Similarly, you can use seashells and corals to create door wreaths. Decorative items made of seashells and starfish are an excellent way to create a beach feel.


The bohemian style is all about layering colours and textures. This style typically incorporates jewel tones and warm earth tones. It’s also known for using unique textiles, such as ikat from Cambodia or suzani from central Asia. Use these materials to layer your furniture and accents. You can also use area rugs to add depth and visual space to the room.

Coastal beach cottage style pairs well with a bohemian aesthetic. The word “bohemian” is derived from the French word “gypsy.” This style is free-spirited and artistic, combining eclectic vintage furnishings, layering textiles and colourful artwork. The result is a seaside paradise in your own home!

Boho interiors feature layers and layered rugs encouraging lounging and sitting on the floor. Low-slung furniture also lends the look of a classic conversation pit. For an elegant yet comfortable room, use light-coloured fabrics. Boho furniture also looks great layered with kilim pillows.

Bohemian beach decor has a Mediterranean influence. The style incorporates natural elements like wood, jute, leather, and greenery. Add a few personal touches to complete the look, such as a macrame wall hanging, custom-made furniture, and seashells collected during vacations.


For a coastal feel, consider incorporating beach decor. A simple hand-carved sign that says “BEACH DAYS” in coastal colours is a cute accent piece. This sign measures 14″ long by 14″ wide (35 cm X 35 cm) and would be a great addition to a coastal-themed home.

Seaside whimsy

You can create a seaside whimsy look in your home using nautical accents. Whether you are going on a vacation to a tropical island or just want to decorate your beach house, there are plenty of options. Choose an accent piece with a nautical design, or choose a piece with a vintage feel.

Choosing an eclectic combination of beach decor can create an elegant and charming coastal look. For example, you can use a rustic barn door to create a headboard or use an all-weather Adirondack chair to create a cottage bedroom. If you live in a coastal state, you can create an indoor retreat by including outdoor elements such as wooden boat paddles and striped cotton throw pillows. You can also hang a sign pointing to the beach to create a seaside ambience indoors.