How to Choose a No Plumbing Pedicure Chair


No plumbing pedicure chairs utilize underwater magnetic pipeless fans that make cleaning and disinfecting simpler than traditional pipes.

Cleaning traditional piped-in chairs can be an inconvenient and time-consuming task for nail salons and spas. By contrast, the no-plumbing pedicure chair offers more sanitation while being easy to use within strict health guidelines for spas.

Easy to clean

When purchasing a non-poiling pedicure chair, it’s essential to take into account how easy it will be to keep it clean. Traditional pedi chairs with plumbing can be challenging to keep sanitized between clients due to bacteria recirculating back into the basin through pipes; to avoid this hassle, opt for chairs that feature removable basins fitted with disposable liners for easy and practical cleanup and sanitation.

No plumbing pedi chairs also make transportation simpler, eliminating the hassle of hooking up pumps and tubing before transport. They make an ideal choice for nail technicians traveling between salons to provide mobile appointments; additionally, these chairs tend to be cheaper than their plumbing-equipped counterparts over time – potentially saving money over time!

Before purchasing a no-plumbing pedi chair, ensure that you consult with your local building inspector or board of cosmetology to make sure it complies with local rules and regulations. Some cities and counties have stringent plumbing rules that must be observed in order to prevent flooding in salons. In addition, backflow preventers should be installed to block contaminants from entering your plumbing system; also, ask if your supplier provides after-sales services, as this could help ensure a smooth experience.


Pipeless pedicure chairs are an ideal choice for nail salons. Their low maintenance requirements and reduced risk of infection make them easy to use while helping extend the life of nail polish. In the past, traditional pedicure bowls could be hard to keep free of germs, which led to increased risks of infection for clients when immersing their feet for several hours in one solution; pipeless chairs solve this issue using special whirlpool jets that pump fresh water throughout their tubs.

A no-poiler pedicure chair can be an economical and quick way to expand an empty salon or spa without plumbing systems. Setup time is minimal without interruption to business operations, and portability makes this option an ideal fit for mobile spas.

No matter which chair you select for your spa, make sure it complies with local codes regarding plumbing, electrical, and ventilation. Also, look out for backflow preventers to prevent dirty water from entering the plumbing system – most nail salon chairs should already come equipped with this feature! However, just to be safe, double-check that your new chair meets local requirements before making a decision.


Piped pedicure chairs allow bacteria and fungus to build up in their tub, so regular cleaning and sanitation of your bowl is necessary to avoid infections among clients. With pipeless chairs, such problems are less likely to arise.

Pedicure chairs made today feature magnetic jet pipe-less whirlpool systems, making them more hygienic and more accessible to keep clean than their piped-in counterparts. Furthermore, there are fewer external pipes requiring maintenance – lowering costs even further while meeting most building codes and regulations.

Piped-in pedicure chairs require extensive maintenance. After each use, both the basin and its associated pipes must be clean, as well as all of their supply and drain lines. This task can be time-consuming for salon owners. Furthermore, all components should be thoroughly sanitized between clients for maximum hygiene standards.

No plumbing pedicure chairs provide time and cost savings by eliminating the need for plumbers while reducing installation costs. They require less maintenance than their counterparts, making this an economical choice for salons on a tight budget. In addition, no plumbing pedicure chairs offer greater comfort since they don’t need to be filled or drained using pumps – making this an attractive solution!


Pipe-free pedicure chairs do not rely on permanent external pipes to fill or drain their basin; instead, they work entirely manually by salon owners manually adding and draining water at regular intervals – this makes them much more hygienic than traditional chairs that utilize pipes to form their whirlpool effect.

Piped-in pedicure chairs tend to be more costly to maintain due to their need to be regularly sanitized between clients; this task can take more time and be distracting for nail technicians. Furthermore, this type of chair may become worn over time with repeated usage.

No plumbing pedicure chairs provide salons looking to invest in quality massage chairs at an economical cost without breaking the bank. Furthermore, this type of chair allows salon owners to move the chairs as needed without disrupting services and makes an ideal solution for temporary locations such as rental spaces.

No-plumbing chairs offer another distinct advantage in that they’re much simpler to set up. As they require no complex plumbing procedures, salons can quickly set them up and begin offering services as soon as the chairs have been placed in position. It is still essential to comply with local codes to ensure all furniture with hot and cold water connections meet relevant standards; additionally, all pedi chairs should include backflow preventers to protect the plumbing system against contamination.