How to Decorate With Neutral Stockings


If the traditional red and green holiday colors don’t suit you, consider opting for neutral stockings as decorations. They’re easy to pair with your existing Christmas decor!

Carlsbad Caverns guides in the 1930s donned sheer stockings in different hues – black, sun beige, gray dusk, and even brown beige can be seen on photos taken of Carlsbad Cave guides from this period in the NPS History Collection.


Make simple neutral stockings out of scrap fabric, recycled sweaters, or felt. Stitch all the way from toe to heel using a needle and thread. If filling by hand proves challenging, use either the foam fill stick included with your fiber/poly-fill material or a dowel rod as extra assistance when stuffing it full. Finally, stitch them together with safety pins if kid and pet-friendly stockings are desired.

Monogram enthusiasts might enjoy lettering their stockings with initials or first names to add some personality. White letters will match most winter decor schemes; for something bolder, try bold colors like red, navy blue, or green notes instead! Once completed, hang them using a ribbon or cord for easy display.

Felt is an ideal surface to use as the backdrop for embellishments, especially when coupled with colorful trim. Pinwheels, stripes, or faux foliage can all make great additions to a felt stocking decoration, or choose one color/pattern and pair it with pompom accents like this style from Happy at Home, which features both.

Felt stockings pair perfectly with many styles of decor, including a farmhouse-style set. A burlap stocking can look either rustic or sophisticated depending on how it’s embellished; you could use stencils to apply designs or stitch it manually if you don’t own a sewing machine; for even greater customization, use a hot glue gun for the DIY version creation!

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper makes an exciting and festive way to package gifts while providing the foundation for more elaborate decoration. Bows, decorative tags, lace trim, pine needles, or any other ornaments can create unique stockings for each member of your family – or go all-out by adding personalized messages or photos directly onto the wrapping!

Recycled or natural materials can make your gift wrap stand out, such as fabric cut into an adorable cuff for a child’s stocking or embellishing with bells and ribbon. These finishing touches add character and festive cheer!

Wrapping paper can be found both online and in stores, though not all varieties are recyclable. To check if a particular wrapping paper is recyclable, scrunch it between your fingers – if it smushes easily then chances are it can be safely recycled.

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Garlands are often used to add the finishing touch at parties and weddings, but they can also make your home more cozy by hanging them from your walls. Choose from various colors and styles to suit your decor, or create one from natural materials for a garland that exudes warmth while giving it a lively appearance.

To add subtle elegance, consider decorating your mantel display with a simple strand of twigs and greenery. This will bring an elegant touch while complementing other neutral decorations on display. These elements may also be enhanced with pinecones, berries, or other festive touches for extra festivity; a string of small ornaments may add some additional shimmer as an extra sparkly element!

An additional way to use garlands is draping them over a stair railing, trimming them to fit with your holiday color scheme, and perhaps adding some festive accents such as Holly Leaves for added interest.

The easiest garland is made from evergreens. This can either be long pieces of greenery wired together or small groups that have been wired or glued. For an eye-catching display, textile-based garlands may also be added alongside green ones.

India is known for creating garlands out of flowers and leaves to offer to different deities on auspicious occasions, and wreaths made of them such as holy basil for Krishna and Vishnu, vulva (bael) for Shiva, arugampul (Bermuda grass) for Ganesha and neem leaves for Mariamman are often made as offerings as part of prasad (food offered to gods as offerings). These garlands can then be provided to their respective deities as offerings prasad offerings!


An elegant Christmas table must include some festive mugs. Instead of the standard red and green options, consider opting for white or khaki hues as neutral alternatives, or look out for funny Christmas quotes on these fun cups to add extra holiday spirit! Using them to display decorations or present hot beverages to family and friends adds a festive touch to any room!

An effective way to stay neutral this holiday season is with neutral-colored decorations such as scented candles or artificial trees, which will complement existing colors in your home without clashing with the traditional red and green palettes.

Add neutral accents to your tree by including neutral wrapping paper for presents under it. With many styles available in muted hues like white, khaki, or black paper known today, choosing multiple shades may save time while wrapping numerous presents at once.

There are countless stocking stuffer ideas ideal for neutral decor lovers that would make great stocking stuffers, including snacks and small gadgets. Such gifts will appeal to people of all ages – making them suitable skills both children and adults can appreciate.


Wreaths add a festive flair to any home while also being an effective way to inject color and personality without overwhelming your decor style. This DIY stocking wreath is easy to create and looks beautiful hanging on either your front door or fireplace mantel.

Wreaths originated as symbols of fertility and seasonal changes within pagan rituals. When Christianity emerged, wreaths continued to symbolize eternity for Christians while their circular shape reminded people of Roman Emperors or other royalty who wore crowns.

Evergreen wreaths, like pine and fir branches, are one of the most popular choices when it comes to wreath-making. Not only are these branches readily available and come with fresh aromas, but they’re also an excellent option for winter wreaths, as their green hue remains throughout all four seasons.

Winter wreaths often feature materials like berries, twigs, and fruits and vegetables for additional color and sweetness. Flowers – typically white chrysanthemums given by friends to show their affection – also add beauty.

Simple wreaths like these small horseshoe-shaped wreaths can quickly transform an otherwise dull tabletop. Constructing one is quick and straightforward – all it requires are basic supplies like needles from two pieces of evergreen and arranging them so their tips point opposite directions before attaching the hands to wire with florist tape, twisting and tucking the bottoms for shape.


An ordinary stocking can be customized with ornaments and seasonal greeting cards; to add something truly memorable, try painting it. Stencils provide even coverage, using double-stick tape between stencil and fabric to secure it securely in place. Once appropriately aligned, apply paint using straight up and down movements until it becomes opaque – or try textured brushstrokes instead for an alternative approach! You’ll find plenty of holiday motifs like ornaments, trees, and candy canes available!

Monograming your stocking can be an elegant yet effortless decoration option. Choose to incorporate either the first letter of each person’s name or their initials – either way; it adds an eye-catching festive touch that will stand the test of time!

This stocking idea is ideal for those without sewing skills. Instead of embroidering or adhering an initial to a stocking, pin it on with a pin; this allows it to be removed and replaced as fashion trends evolve.