MPA Defender Stock Adapter


Masterpiece Arms offers a selection of accessories to make their Defender pistols and carbines even more desirable for shooting enthusiasts. One such add-on allows for side-folding stocks that fold to the shooter’s left side away from the ejection port, locking both open and closed positions when folded back up.

When added to an MPA defender, this stock requires a Class III tax stamp; please check local laws prior to making your purchase decision.

Product Description

Masterpiece Arms’ Defender pistol is an exceptional tactical firearm. Chambered for 9mm & 5.7x28mm ammunition, its features include rails, Glock magazine compatibility, a 4.5″ barrel with 1/2×28 threads that allow mounting muzzle devices (NOT suppressors), as well as adjustable sights and side cocker.

This Defender Carbine features a side-folding stock, quick-release magazine catch, pistol grip cover, scope mount, and an angled foregrip for home defense or law enforcement use. It includes one 30-round magazine for added power. This semiautomatic handgun can be found here!

This rear stock adapter makes it possible to mount different tactical stocks onto an MPA Defender pistol or carbine. Crafted from aluminum and anodized in low gloss black, it installs easily onto the weapon and attaches directly to a Picatinny(1913) rail – perfect for A3 Tactical’s full line of modular stocks or A3’s Skelestock! Please be aware that adding this product requires a Class III tax stamp in order to make use of its services.

Product Specifications

The MPA Defender 9mm Carbine Rifle is inspired by the 930DMG pistol but has some added features to make it better. These include a machined lower made from aluminum to reduce weight and improve ergonomics, QD flush cup attachment for single-point sling attachment, a stock interface that can connect an AR15 brace or rifle stock, and more.

This weapon can accept Glock magazines in either single- or double-stack configuration, features adjustable sights, a barrel extension to add muzzle devices, and threading 1/2×28 for suppressor compatibility if desired; additionally, its 9mm chambered barrel threaded 1/2×28 allows it to accept 30 rounds.

Masterpiece Arms also offers an adjustable side-folding stock for their Defender pistol called the “Side Folder,” which can be attached to any MPA 30 and 57 series carbine or PDW and folds towards the shooter’s left side, away from the ejection port and locks both open and closed positions for easy storage.

This stock can be used with any of A3 Tactical’s modular stocks or skeleton stocks that mount to a Picatinny rail. Crafted from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized low gloss black for optimal performance, it easily attaches to the rear of MPA Defender using the included hardware.

This weapon can be used for hunting, self-defense, recreational shooting and more. Its accuracy makes it perfect for hunters as well as self-defense or personal protection needs, and customization is easy – great for beginners looking to enter the AR-15 market – easy use of ergonomic design makes this affordable weapon an attractive option for starters looking to join this market.

Product Overview

MasterPiece Arms’ Defender series pistols and carbine rifles are high-quality tactical firearms explicitly designed to be used for home or self-defense. Chambered in 9mm and 5.7x28mm caliber, using Glock magazines with foldable stocks featuring threaded 1/2×28 barrel threading, adjustable sights, lever safety selector; 30-round magazines can all make these guns ideal.

This model’s lower receiver was precision machined from aluminum for reduced weight and optimal ergonomics, featuring a QD flush cup for single-point sling attachment and a stock interface for attaching either rear fixed or side folding stocks.

This stock adapter attaches to the MPA 30 Defender pistol or carbine and allows its user to connect any stock that features a Picatinny (M1913) rail. Crafted from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized low gloss black for corrosion resistance, it takes about five minutes to install and includes all required hardware. An anti-tilt feature helps ensure your stock doesn’t rotate when firing your weapon and locks at an odd angle; it is compatible with A3 Tactical modular stocks as well as Skelestocks and has its magazine release located on its heel at the heel of the grip for easy magazine release!

Product Reviews

Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized in low gloss black, this stock adapter securely mounts to the back of your Masterpiece Arms Defender with included hardware. It allows the use of A3 Tactical’s modular stocks, Skelestocks, or any other stock designed to mount onto a Picatinny(1913) rail; installation takes only 5 minutes!

Masterpiece Arms has designed its Defender series semi-auto pistols and carbine rifles after the Ingram MAC submachine gun, updated to feature machined aluminum lower receiver, top cocking charging handle, stock interface for mounting rifle brace or folding stock, and chamber sizes of 9mm or 5.7x28mm; compatible with Glock magazines as well as MPA’s magazines.

MPA also makes plastic magazines and magazine loaders for the Defender that can be found online. With its large paddle at the heel of its grip, taking out magazines from your Defender is simple without breaking your firing grip.