Imaizumi Brings All the Gyarus to His House


Imaizumi Shunsuke is an ISTJ with an expressive side. In his free time, he enjoys listening to movie soundtracks.

He suffers from an inferiority complex after losing to Akira during a race when they were younger, but during Inter High, he overcomes it and comes to appreciate the power of team spirit.


Ayumi Hamasaki is one of Japan’s most influential gyaru artists. Her music spans various genres, from rock to ballads. Additionally, she is well known for being politically and socially aware; Party Queen explores themes of grief and inner turmoil. Hamasaki’s popularity and influence have inspired many young aspiring gyaru artists.

Hamasaki enjoys widespread international acclaim. She has released 17 studio albums and won multiple awards; her records have topped both White and Black versions of A Best 2. Additionally, four national tours were undertaken, such as Arena Tour 2016 A: Made in Japan concerts nationwide, as well as performing in Hong Kong and Taipei as part of Countdown Live 2021-2020 A: 23rd Monster concerts.

Hamasaki is well known for her studio albums as well as singles and mini-albums released over time, in addition to writing novels and manga series. Her works have won various awards, and she has also become well known for her charity efforts with several nonprofits like the Red Cross.

She was also part of The White House band, releasing two albums before their disbandment in 2007. Hamasaki released A Best 2, two compilation albums that became number one and two on both White and Black versions of the Oricon charts, becoming the only female artist to achieve such an achievement since 1972.

Hamasaki was named Oricon’s third most popular Japanese singer in 2009 and became only the second female artist with 47 albums on their weekly charts. Additionally, she appeared in several television shows and movies, such as the 2010 drama Xxx and Colors: The Movie (recut version of her 2005 film Colours). Unfortunately, her Trouble Tour 2020: Saigo no Trouble tour had to be temporarily suspended after just two dates due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Kurumizaka, Tricolore’s youngest member and an adorable look/bubbly personality combination, often acts as a mascot to fans and audiences alike. Her eagerness and energy make her an idol to look up to; she is never afraid to express her genuine emotions to others!

Based on her behavior and interactions in IDOL bu SHOW, Love Kurumizaka may be an ESFP (Extroverted Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving). These personality types are known for their outgoing and social natures, which is evidenced by her bubbly personality and willingness to engage fans. Love Kurumizaka may also be an ESFP as she exhibits the characteristics associated with these individuals – present-oriented individuals such as enjoying every moment and living life to its fullest. Furthermore, as sensitive people themselves, this trait would explain her kindness toward fellow idols as well as her desire to resolve conflicts peacefully. Moreover, Leo individuals tend to possess ambitious personalities as well as passion and dedication towards their work – qualities reflected by her commitment to being an idol.


Imaizumi lives alone for no apparent reason but actually has an interesting secret: each day he spends playing, talking, and sometimes getting physical with three of the most desirable female gyrus from school: Hamasaki, Kurumozaka, and Sasaki – maintaining both platonic friendships as well as sexual encounters with potential girls with benefits (he may indulge them at times!). Though not above exploiting some of his arrangements with them either.

Reina is the daughter of a cosmetics CEO and owns her line of products, which she utilizes when she finds Imaizumi sleeping past 11 PM. Reina often teases him about being virginal or not taking her seriously enough, yet Imaizumi tells Reina and the others it’s really his parents who don’t appreciate him enough.

Imaizumi considers Ruri a blood knight due to her tendency toward violence and her willingness to fight anyone who crosses her path. Before joining Imaizumi’s harem, she would hunt punks down alleyways in order to fight back, but since becoming part of its ranks, she now prefers staying put instead.

Contrary to most isekai titles, this manga does not focus on economic anxiety as its central theme. While its teens become involved with a game featuring capitalistic debt as its foundation, their proper focus lies on one another and building friendships within their clique. Even while keeping their various secrets from each other, the girls manage to stay happy and healthy as they engage in a game of love that has them dealing with adopted sister Anya and her new husband Yor (real name Loid), an assassin hired by the government. Mixing humor and seductressiness, this isekai is perfect for watching with your girlfriends! Available to stream on both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also, be sure to visit Crunchyroll or Funimation’s Twitter/Facebook accounts for updates, and for even more from its creators, visit their official blog here.


Keita manages his expenses comfortably alone in his small apartment, yet three other women keep overdrawing him financially. They take pleasure in sexually teasing Keita while simultaneously tormenting him – though he puts up token resistance that everyone knows will quickly crumble.

He is an emotional wreck, often sobbing at any provocation. During a cinema date with Yukina and when his teammates win a practice basketball match, he bursts into tears; attempts at controlling his emotions ultimately fail when his opponents tease him by sniffing his sweat or sniffing underarms to mock him and make fun of him.

Yukina may appear ice-cold at first glance, but she has a highly feminine side and finds Imaizumi very appealing. Yukina calls him Ima-chin, which causes him to blush. Unlike some of the other girls, she doesn’t hide her feelings and wants to become a fashion designer, just like Reina and Ruri have as goals.

The girls also share a passion for fashion and shopping. They tend to dress like early high school students and showcase their clothing in public. When combined with an active sex life, this gives them a distinct girly appearance, complete with large bust sizes for their age group.

Raido develops a romantic interest in his classmates at school. Although she rebukes his lack of social skills at first, she soon recognizes he’s actually quite lovely despite them. So, she begins helping him become more outgoing; eventually, he starts opening up more.

Aharen is a brilliant dancer and Reversi player, but she can also be quite unconventional at times. A great friend to children, Aharen enjoys teaching spinner tricks to them in play date sessions as well.

Imaizumi’s father still believes living with the girls will help his son become more masculine, leading him into an embarrassing situation where his fellow tenants force him into playing a baseball game against their will or threaten to evict them from their apartment if he does not join in their fun. Despite the humiliation he faces by participating, Imaizumi agrees to join them and play alongside them.