Microsoft PowerBI Course – Learn the Basics of Power BI


The Microsoft PowerBI course introduces participants to this powerful reporting and data analytics software. The course consists of a combination of lectures and hands-on working sessions. Students will learn to load data into PowerBI, create interactive reports, and model large datasets. It can be taught online or at your location.

Effective Reporting with Power BI

There are several best practices to follow when creating an effective report using Power BI. The first is to limit the number of visuals to a handful, preferably between six and ten. In addition, make sure to include only those columns you plan to report on. Besides, data visualizations in Power BI are far more engaging than other reporting tools.

Effective Reporting with Power BI will teach you the fundamental knowledge you need to create a compelling report. You will also learn how to integrate data visualizations into your reports and enhance them to create more powerful and persuasive reports. You will learn how to build interactive reports and dashboards that tell your story through data. The book includes more than 50 exercises and 19 videos to guide you along the way.

You can start with the accessible version of Power BI, which is included with Office 365 plans. This feature-rich solution will let you create interactive reports and upload up to 1GB of data simultaneously. It is an excellent choice for small businesses and non-commercial use, but you can also opt for the paid Power BI Pro or Premium service, which offers more features.

Getting Started with Power BI Desktop

Before creating your first Power BI report, you should have a data source available. The sample dataset with the software will help you get started. Next, connect that data source to Power BI. You can load data from your data warehouse or an on-cloud server.

Once you’ve connected your data source, you can view its values in tables and columns. You can edit the data in the data source. Then, refresh the Power BI Desktop to see the changes. You can also write your calculations on the Data Tab. The Data Tab contains information about each data row in the tables.

Power BI Desktop lets you drill down your data by creating measures and calculated tables. It also lets you explore and edit the relationships between tables and visualizations. In addition, you can use DAX functions to format your visuals and edit interactions between them. You can even filter the data at the visualization, page, or report level.

Getting Started with Power BI Plus

Before you start using Power BI, make sure that you understand how it works. Power BI has several tools that make it easy to create a data model. You can import your data or paste it from another source. You can also create your data model to make the data more accurate and ready for visualization.

Power BI also has several tools to help you analyze your data. You can create charts using interactive features and pin several charts on the same page. You can also customize the appearance of the report pages with options such as changing the background color or adding a background image. Power BI allows you to manipulate data by writing DAX syntax behind the scenes.

If you’re unfamiliar with DAX, it uses the same functions as Excel but offers greater flexibility. DAX allows you to make formulas row-by-row and can be used in complex data models. While DAX is easier to understand, it has a steep learning curve.


There are several courses available to learn the basics of Power BI. Most of these courses involve lectures and hands-on exercises. The course focuses on the fundamentals and will also include sample data to demonstrate how Power BI works. These courses will help you learn how to access, model, and present large amounts of data.

If you are looking for a more hands-on learning environment, you can consider enrolling in a live or in-person Power BI course. You will get access to the latest version of Power BI and a computer lab where you can work with the program. However, it is essential to note that this learning experience requires commuting expenses and may also require taking time off work.

You should be aware that the cost of a course varies between companies and providers. You should find a course that meets your specific needs and budget. The training should be suitable for your professional goals. You should also consider the length of the course.