NuManna and Mountain House Survival Food Companies


NuManna survival food company creates GMO-free survival foods, providing healthy emergency preparedness supplies. Their freeze-dried protein offerings rival canned proteins in terms of taste and convenience. What do you consider about food survival kits.

Customers can purchase single buckets, meals, and bulk products tailored to individual needs. In addition, they offer drinks and pantry essentials.

Long-Term Storage Staples

Preppers should stockpile long-term storage staples like white rice, dry beans, wheat, and rolled oats – these foods have an extremely long shelf life and don’t require Mylar bags or oxygen absorbers for storage. Long-term food storage staples also occupy relatively minimal space, helping conserve valuable storage space. Nutritious, inexpensive, and straightforward to prepare – pins have long supported cultures throughout history. Wheat was an essential food of Roman and Egyptian civilizations; it can be enjoyed alone or combined with cheap survival foods like dried beans for an abundant amino acid profile. Oats also proved fuel for Scotch Highlanders during battles and long marches.

Freeze-Dried Meals

Freeze-dried foods are popular with backpackers because of their lightweight yet calorically dense composition and pleasing taste – not to mention convenience – when eating after an exhausting day on the trail. Furthermore, freeze-dried food makes an invaluable survival food source, whether camping out in the wilderness or hoarding food for unforeseen emergencies at home.

Freeze-drying food can remove up to 99% of its water content, leaving only its flavor and nutrition behind. This process involves freezing and placing frozen food in a vacuum chamber at low heat that sublimates (the process by which icy water crystals turn directly to vapor) after being frozen-dried – known as sublimation. After freeze drying, storage must use nitrogen seals so no contamination by moisture or oxygen occurs during storage.

Freeze-dried foods come in various varieties, from meats to vegetables. When selecting freeze-dried products for survival purposes, check the expiration dates on their packaging to ensure you still have enough supplies when needed.

Companies offer freeze-dried meals that can be rehydrated with hot or warm water, such as soup and pasta dishes. Most of these frozen meals feature freeze-dried vegetables and meats that can be combined with other ingredients for unique dishes ranging from pasta to soup and even some that are gluten-, soy-, or dairy-free!

While it’s technically possible to freeze-dry your foods at home, this approach usually isn’t as successful. Specialized equipment is required to freeze dry food without damaging its integrity; oxygen absorbers in Mylar bags must also be used to prevent spoilage of these dehydrated snacks. Furthermore, heat and light exposure diminish the shelf life of freeze-dried meals because these trigger chemical reactions that erode their shelf life over time.

Mountain House

Mountain House is widely recognized among camping and preparedness communities for its premium freeze-dried entrees, desserts, staples such as ground beef and diced chicken, and long-range patrol rations that can be stored in bug-out bags. One thing that sets them apart from other emergency food companies is their long shelf lives – with accurate expiration dates on all their meals!

One advantage of their food is its superior flavor. This is achieved by cooking the food before using Flash Freeze Drying technology to preserve it by extracting excess moisture – providing a more savory and premium taste than brands that freeze-dried raw ingredients.

Consumers can choose from various sizes and types of meal packages available from these providers, designed for individual consumption or more extensive group settings. All come in convenient resealable pouches to minimize waste and facilitate storage; furthermore, these products can easily be found in supermarkets and camping stores that sell outdoor gear, making them easily accessible for most consumers.

The company provides an impressive selection of survival and emergency food kits suitable for large families. Their kits feature pre-cooked pouch meals and freeze-dried pasta, soup, and dessert products; they are gluten-free and contain no GMOs, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or other harmful additives.

Their freeze-dried meals may not be the most cost-effective. Still, they offer plenty of variety and make an ideal starter kit for emergency food shoppers who have never researched beforehand. Their website even features a food supply calculator to help determine exactly how many meals will suit their specific situation and needs.

Augason Farms sells emergency and survival food kits and individual freeze-dried meals and ingredients packaged in #10 cans and buckets, making storage simple. Their food also tends to contain fewer preservatives than similar brands and tends to be more affordable.

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