Pizza Tower Background


Peppino Spaghetti, an impoverished pizza chef who’s struggling to keep his restaurant running, receives an unwelcome visit from Pizza Face who threatens to shoot it with laser beams.

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Floor 1: Tower Lobby

Pizza Tower is an addictive 2D platformer focused on movement, exploration, and score attack with stylized pixel art inspired by 90s cartoons and an energetic soundtrack.

The game’s plot revolves around Peppino Spaghetti, an anxious Italian chef attempting to save his failing pizzeria from destruction by forces representing The Tower eponymously named. Gustavo also works alongside him.

Tour de Pizza’s game has received numerous positive reviews from both critics and gamers alike, who praised its gameplay, visual style, humor, and overall value as a worthy spiritual successor to the Wario Land series.

Pizza Tower’s Wikia-hosted site documents the characters, levels, environments, mechanics, and music found within its video game as well as prerelease materials and its development history. Any user may create or edit this wiki freely.

Tower Lobby serves as the entryway into other levels in the game and serves as its hub world, acting as the gateway. This world features two extra rooms dedicated to Pizza Tower Entrance and Tutorial at their ends; John Gutter Hall contains its titular level; it is also home to old Pillar John sprite Camembert Squire idle Cheeseslime animation as well as dancing Pepperoni Goblin animation.

Floor 2: Western District

Pizza Tower is an exciting 2D platformer inspired by the dormant Wario Land series, created by McPig and programmer Sertif in GameMaker Studio and featuring cartoonish high-resolution pixel art. Players control Peppino Spaghetti – an Italian chef on a quest to destroy Pizza Tower assisted by Gustavo and features up to 5 floors leading to various levels, each boasting different backgrounds, toppings, and monsters!

The Western District was the second floor of the hub, featuring both Pizza Tower’s entrance and John Gutter Hall (which houses its titular level). This space featured a dark grey background adorned with cameras, fences, no trespassing signs, staff-only signs, and Pizzaface statues; additionally, there was also a Chef Tasks background which showed players their accomplishments on each world’s chef tasks; upon reaching all achievements for one world or world’s chef tasks their door will turn golden indicating success!

Floor 3: Vacation Resort

Vacation Resort Level of Pizza Tower is a high-speed 2D platformer inspired by Nintendo’s discontinued Wario Land series, developed and published by Tour de Pizza with an emphasis on movement, exploration, and score attack. Featuring stylized pixel art inspired by cartoons from the 90s as well as an energetic soundtrack, Vacation Resort will blow your socks off!

Pizza Tower’s musical score was created by multiple contributors, such as ClascyJitto/Frostix, PostElvis, and Mr. Sauceman. ClascyJitto/Frostix made his first musical contribution to Pizza Tower with “It’s Pizza Time!,” an excerpt of which made up its escape theme; its success led McPig to hire him as composer; whilst PostElvis composed only “Fun Farm” and an unused main menu theme (amongst others).

Pizza Tower features Mort from Ed Annunziata’s 2000 PlayStation game Mort the Chicken. His creator permitted Tour de Pizza to use him as an upgraded character in this videogame. Pizza Tower’s Wiki offers comprehensive documentation of every aspect of gameplay including levels, characters, environments, and mechanics, and is maintained by its community on Miraheze; with both serious and joke wikis.

Floor 4: Slum

Pizza Tower is one of the most entertaining and captivating 2D platformers I’ve played recently. While each level only lasts five or six hours, I found this experience endlessly replayable thanks to its creative gameplay, playful sense of humor, and one of 2023’s finest soundtracks.

Tour De Pizza has created an independent game heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Wario Land series, with movement and exploration leading into an energetic score-attack mindset. It boasts stylized pixel art reminiscent of 90s cartoons as well as an energetic soundtrack that will have you moving!

Peppino Spaghetti, an underdog Italian chef struggling to save his failing pizzeria from its hostile forces residing in The Tower, serves as the protagonist. Peppino often becomes overwhelmed by anxiety and anger before turning into a psychopath who relentlessly bulldozes through enemies to achieve victory in battles fought within The Tower.

McPig found inspiration in the Wario Land games for their inventive, nonlinear levels that feature switches, gimmicks, and secret rooms. Furthermore, he used his experience speedrunning Rivals of Aether and DoOM 2 games as well as creating a fast-paced yet creative and exciting gaming experience in his creation of his game.