Pizza in Pawleys Island


Pawleys Island offers many choices when it comes to pizza dining and delivery services, such as Domino’s, Litchfield Pizza & Pub, and Marco’s Pizza.

Massey’s Pizza of Grand Strand, North Carolina has made waves in their region thanks to their amazing pizza. Offering everything from whole pies, specialty pizzas, Stromboli, and sandwiches – Massey’s has something delicious on their menu that is sure to please the Grand Strand crowd.

DeRoma’s Pizza

DeRoma’s Pizza offers dine-in, take-and-delivery service throughout Pawleys Island as well as offering weekday lunch buffet. Their huge pizzas include specialties such as the Veggie Luvers, Philly Steak, Buffalo Chicken, and Tsunami with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon ground beef. SurfinBird also comes equipped with olive oil garlic cheese grilled chicken spinach grandma’s spices Roma tomatoes feta cheese for you to try!

Bob Hoffman brought authentic New York-style pizza to South Carolina when he opened DeRoma’s Pizza in 2000. Since then, their business has experienced phenomenal growth; now with locations in multiple towns including Pawleys Island and Mt Pleasant in South Carolina utilizing fresh dough made daily and homemade sauce to craft delectable pizzas.

They offer an assortment of delicious menu items including appetizers, hoagies, parmesan sandwiches, soups, salads, and pasta dishes as well as their award-winning desserts! Plus they have amazing desserts!

By employing old family recipes, this pizza shop serves authentic Italian lunch and dinner options, including homemade pizza. Hungry guests can craft their creation or select from one of the specialty pizza options like 811 Amanti Carne (meat lovers), Dan’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Queen’s Buffalo Chicken, Brooklyn Supreme Pizza, Bronx White Pizza Spinach Feta Pizza Staten Island Meatball Pizza. In addition, they also provide stuffed pasta shells/manicotti as well as delicious homemade desserts!

Litchfield Pizza & Pub

Litchfield Pizza & Pub offers full-service dining for takeout, dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. Their extensive menu of Italian cuisine, such as pasta, calzones, and pizza makes this convenient dining spot great for families or individuals on the go – as well as enough seating capacity to accommodate large groups.

A neighborhood tavern offering traditional American bar food in an inviting setting. Locals love its burgers, nachos, and onion soup. Plus they serve delicious fried calamari!

Stonybrook Golf Club boasts this contemporary clubhouse which offers cocktails and upscale American fare such as grilled salmon, roasted chicken breast, and hand-cut steaks. The modern interior is enhanced with tin ceilings, exposed brickwork, and soft lighting – and is open both for lunch and dinner service.

At two miles from the inn, this restaurant offers innovative New American cuisine and distinctive wines in a cozy setting. Attracting stylish crowds from across town, dishes at this restaurant include grilled squid with asparagus, squid ink, and saffron sauce; tagliatelle al ragu; Bosch pear with walnuts and gorgonzola dolce dessert.

No matter your food preferences – pizza, sandwiches, or coffee – Litchfield offers something to satisfy them all! There is an array of classic and newer establishments serving all these food items – not to mention Uber Eats for delivering orders right to your door without contact!

Papa John’s

Papa John’s offers pizza delivery and online ordering with their convenient mobile app and loyalty program for its customers. Customers can place orders anytime they like using this free and secure application that stores credit card data as well as addresses. They can cancel up to 45 minutes before their scheduled delivery window without incurring a penalty fee; their credit card will be refunded within seven to 10 working days by Papa John’s.

Papa John’s pizzas feature thin crusts that fold up for convenient eating on the go, plus their special sauce makes for delicious slices! Made with tomatoes, red peppers, oregano basil, and garlic – creating an irresistibly creamy sauce ideal for NY-style pizzas!

New York-style pizzas typically measure 18 inches across and eight slices are cut off, baked on coal or gas, and known for their crisp, foldable crusts. Papa John’s offers its version, though more sauce could be used instead of cheese as this helps create an oily and stretchy dough that makes up authentic NYC-style pies compared to Papa John’s less cheese can result in dry crusts.

Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza offers both delivery and carryout services for an easy dining experience with family. Their extensive menu offers sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and stromboli.

Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco was raised in Sulmona, Italy. There he learned the Italian Way – doing things properly while taking pride in your work and appreciating all life has to offer – which has become the cornerstone of Marco’s Pizza ever since its establishment in 1978.

Family-owned pizza franchise CiCi’s Pizza boasts more than 200 locations nationwide and is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains. Their focus on customer service and quality delivery makes them one of the premier restaurant brands, as evidenced by recent Harris Poll study results.

Marco’s also offers sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and desserts in addition to pizza. Their signature dishes include Cheezy Bread and the Bruschetta pizza; additionally, they boast an impressive wine and beer selection. In some of their restaurants, there is an Italian feel while others may feature more modern decor or an impressive wine and beer list; moreover, newer locations often showcase redesigns reflecting company efforts while some stores feature traditional Tuscan styles.