Places to Go For Christmas in India


In India, there are lots of places to go for Christmas, but you must choose carefully. Here are some places to consider: Daman & Diu, Manali, Bandra, and Mumbai. Visiting these places will give you a unique experience you’ll never forget.


The best place to spend Christmas in India is Mumbai. The city is awash with beautiful decorations and offers a festive atmosphere. The city is a perfect blend of Christmas traditions and vibrant nightlife. There are many places to enjoy the festive season, including the famous Hill Road of Banderas.

The Velankanni Church is a beautiful place to spend Christmas in India. Its Christmas-time celebrations draw thousands of worshipers. Visitors can enjoy the festive season as the locals play Christmas music and Santa Claus gives gifts to children. Another great destination for Christmas in India is Pondicherry, a former French colony famous for its leafy French Quarter, lined with boutiques and colonial villas. The atmosphere is alive with merry-making, and the town celebrates Christmas with traditional yule logs and a Christmas market held at the French International School. Choirs and street performers perform during this period, and the city is alive with Christmas festivities.

For a traditional Indian Christmas, you can visit the city’s Catholic churches. Despite being an overwhelmingly Hindu city, Mumbai is home to a thriving Christian community. Many churches in the western suburbs host midnight masses on Christmas eve.

Daman & Diu

Daman & Diu are two places in India ideally suited for the Christmas holidays. Formerly a Portuguese colony, these two enchanting islands are brimming with Christmas spirit and festive cheer. The region is known for its dazzling architecture and cultural events. Daman & Diu are also home to many churches, including the 14th-century St. Paul’s Church, which holds midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Daman & Diu is a union territory in western India. It is located near the state of Gujarat, on the Arabian Sea. The city becomes lively during the Christmas season. Visitors can participate in Portuguese dance performances and midnight masses at various churches. The beaches are also a great place to spend the holiday.


Manali is a popular winter holiday destination in India. It is an easy 12-hour drive from New Delhi. The town is filled with festive decorations and hotels. In addition, the town hosts elaborate Christmas parties on Christmas eve. Snow-capped mountains, romantic log cabins, and a charming atmosphere make this a perfect Christmas destination.

The city is filled with festive lights and bonfires. Its people enjoy singing carols, playing with snowballs, and enjoying the Christmas festivities. This is a beautiful time to experience Christmas in India. You will never regret it. There are many things to do in Manali during Christmas, including visiting the famous Manali temple and skiing.

The best time to visit Manali is between December and March. Although it can get chilly during this period, the weather in Manali is pleasant. You can even witness live snowfall during this period! However, the hotel prices are likely to be higher than usual during this period, so plan accordingly.


In Mumbai’s western suburbs, Bandra is a beautiful place to celebrate Christmas in India. The area is predominantly Catholic, and many churches are decorated for the festive season. The city is also home to Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, which celebrated its 300th anniversary this past Christmas. It has recently undergone a complete architectural restoration. The area has plenty to see and do, from Christmas markets to carols on Convent Road. Bandra Hill Road is lined with decorations, and bakeries are filled with festive goodies. Residents also organize the annual community carol “Carols on Convent Road” event, which celebrates the Christmas season. While Midnight Mass is not held in Mumbai this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, there are still many ways to celebrate Christmas in the city.

Whether you’re looking for a wholesome Christmas experience or a more urban atmosphere, Bandra has something for everyone. Many restaurants advertise their unique Christmas spreads, which include a wide variety of meat and poultry dishes. Christmas lunches are always family affairs, and Bandra’s restaurants, and bakeries are known for offering great Christmas meals.


Shillong is a small beautiful town that is a must-see for Christmas celebrations. The town is decorated beautifully, and the waterfalls turn gentler during winter. People love to picnic outdoors in the crisp air with their friends and families. The city also celebrates Christmas eve with dazzling lights and decorations in the Police Bazar.

Christmas is celebrated in Shillong early, as the festival starts in November. The residents visit friends and family during this time and attend midnight mass at the Cathedral of Mary. They also decorate their houses and light the streets to celebrate the festive season. Christmas is also a time for community feasts, with churches and other institutions organizing volunteers to cook a traditional community meal.

The city is also known for its natural hot springs. It is also a place where locals gather to sing Christmas carols. The city also has excellent nightlife, sunsets, and music, making it a perfect place to spend Christmas.