Best Places to Travel in Solapur


Solapur is a city of lakes with many natural beauty spots to offer visitors. The city got its name from the Kambar Talav, which means “lake of Aurangzeb.” Sambaji Lake is home to many migratory birds and is an excellent place for nature lovers and photographers. In addition, its beautiful pink lotuses add a touch of beauty to the area.

Akkalkot Temple

Hipparga Lake: Hipparga Lake is located in Solapur. The lake is home to different species of flora and fauna. In addition, it is an excellent destination for bird watchers and photographers. Hipparga Lake is a three-kilometer-long lake, a significant water source for the entire city.

The town’s culture is diverse. You can visit holy pilgrimages, historical forts, and mesmerizing lakes. The city is also known for its rich history, which can be uncovered in the many historic monuments. The city is also known for its numerous shopping opportunities.

Solapur is a significant tourist destination in Maharashtra and contributes significantly to the state’s tourism industry. Its historic and religious places, peaceful temples, lakes, and rich flora and fauna, make it an excellent destination for travelers.

Rupa Bhavani Temple

Located 4 km from the city center, Rupa Bhavani Temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Bhavani. It is considered one of the 51 Shakti Pithas and was built in the 12th century CE. Solapur has a large sugar industry, and many sugar factories are located here. The city is also home to a temple dedicated to the Lord Siddheshwar. The temple is easily accessible by public transport, and you can hire a cab from the ST stand located 2 km away.

The city has a culturally diverse population, with a large population that speaks Kannada and Telugu. Though historically, the city has been arid, the construction of the Ujani Dam on the river Bheema has helped cultivate cash crops. Enterprising farmers have converted the dry areas into orchards.

Khandoba Temple

If you are looking for some of the best places to travel in Sola pur, Khandoba Temple is a must-visit place. It is one of the country’s most significant Hindu temples, andd devotees of Lord Shiva from around the world flock here. It is filled with mesmerizing paintings and monuments. It is best visited during the day, and you can spend about an hour there. It is open every day so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Another exciting place to visit in Solapur is the Rukmini Mandir near the Dufferin chowk. It is a shrine dedicated to the Indian deity Hanuman. People of all religions are welcome here, and you can spend some time listening to bhajans and worshipping the goddess here.

Ekruk Tank

If you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, you can head to Solapur’s Ekruk Tank. This irrigation project was installed during British rule and is the second largest in the Deccan region. It is also the main water supply for the Solapur district. It’s open daily from 9.00 am to 6 pm and is free to visit.

The city of Solapur is located in the southwest corner of Maharashtra, close to the border with Karnataka. The city is filled with historical and religious sites, making it an excellent holiday destination. It’s also a great place to go bird-watching.

Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Visitors can visit the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, 22 km from Solapur. The town is well connected by road and rail. The sanctuary is open every day from 7 am to 6 pm. For the best viewing experience, you should visit it from July to December. There is limited accommodation in the sanctuary, so it’s best to arrange accommodation in the town. You can obtain an entry permit from the forest office in Nanna.

The Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve in Maharashtra. This habitat is home to many birds, including the Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps). It is also home to several species of animals, including blackbuck, Indian fox, and hyena. The Great Indian Bustard is a popular tourist attraction in the Solapur district.