Santouka Ramen Menu


Santouka offers an extensive ramen menu. Choose from a variety of ramen flavours, or try the Toroniku ramen. The combination menu is also available. Prices are listed. Read on to learn more about this Japanese restaurant. It is located in Kyoto, Japan.

Toroniku ramen

Among the many signature ramens on Santouka’s menu is the Toroniku ramen. Served with a choice of toppings, the dish has a mild yet robust taste. The word is topped with the delicately simmered pork cheek meat, Toroniku cha-shu. This meat comes from pigs that weigh around 200-300 grams. It has a deep, earthy flavour and resembles fatty tuna.

The menu is extensive and offers many variations of the dish. Toroniku ramen, Cha – Shu rice bowl, and Spicy Miso ramen are just a few options available. The ramen menu at Santouka is extensive, and the prices are reasonable. There’s something for everyone on Santouka’s menu.

Toroniku cha-shu

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese ramen, you might want to visit Santouka Ramen. The restaurant’s menu includes everything from Miso Ramen to Salt Ramen. You can also order breakfast, kids’ meals, or value meals.

Combination menu

Satouka Ramen first came on the scene during Japan’s ramen boom in the 1990s, when lines to get into the various branches were miles long. Today, the company has fewer branches than it did in its heyday, focusing on becoming a larger chain of ramen restaurants. The quality of ramen has improved significantly in the last two decades.

The company has 41 outlets outside of Japan, most of which are in the US. While many companies in Japan try to dominate the Japanese market first, Santouka took the risk of establishing its overseas outposts before others. Its menu is extensive, with options including shoyu, spicy miso, tsukemen, and shio ramen. Despite the wide variety, everyone seems to order the signature shio ramen, which is based on pork lard and is traditionally served in a soup with a white appearance.


Santouka Ramen specializes in white tonkatsu soup with roasted pork. The soup is light and flavorful, but adding a red pickled plum gives it a slightly flirty vibe. The bowls are hearty and satisfying, and the prices at this restaurant are very reasonable.

Santouka Ramen is now available on Uber Eats if you’re in the Vienna area. Use the Uber Eats app to order online or through the app. Once you’ve placed your order, you can review the price and delivery time and decide whether you’d like the food delivered to your front door or picked up elsewhere.