SideBets Review – Is Bet US the Real Bet?


SideBets, the popular social app, allows users to wager fake cash against friends in friendly competition. It features up-to-date game lines as well as a running total of wins and losses. Find out the best info about Maret88.

Avoid being scammed by looking out for any signs, such as no information available about their license and customer support; additionally, verify if they offer any deposit bonuses.

Payment options

Betting sites generally provide their customers with a range of payment options to meet the needs of their customers, from credit cards and e-wallets to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Bank transfers may also be popular among players as it allow the sportsbook to directly interact with a player’s bank and monitor transactions closely, helping to prevent fraud. Processing times for bank transfer deposits and withdrawals may take longer due to how your receiving bank handles processing times—one reason bank transfer deposits and withdrawals typically aren’t instantaneous.

Customer service

Customer service is of utmost importance at an online betting site, and while any company may receive complaints, most players tend to be satisfied with the services provided. Unfortunately, a quick internet search reveals an alarming avalanche of allegations against Bet US that range from poor customer service and hidden disclosures that reduce or stop payouts to allegations about obscure disclosures that reduce payouts altogether. Otherwise, this sportsbook would make an excellent choice for USA-focused punters. Still, their management appears intent on undermining their reputation, resulting in many switching over to another online sportsbook instead.

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