Stony Point Fashion Park


Stony Point Fashion Park features an idyllic park-like environment for shopping and dining at its upscale stores and restaurants, such as Tiffany & Co, Anthropologie, P. F. Chang’s, Vineyard Vines, Restoration Hardware, and Brio Tuscan Grille.

Zero Empty Spaces has made an immediate impression addition to the mall with their exciting concept: renting storefronts and subdividing them into multiple small art studios that can serve as workspaces for local artists or as galleries where their works can be displayed.

It is a high-end outdoor shopping center.

Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, Virginia, is an upscale outdoor shopping center featuring exquisite fountains and local architecture – dog friendly! There is also an assortment of restaurants and retailers like Tiffany & Co, Anthropologie, and Three Dog Bakery, as well as a unique Live 360deg event program that provides classes, demonstrations, and workshops to the community.

Short Pump Town Center is being transformed by its owner to attract shoppers better and compete against it. A revamped layout will enable more people to access stores and restaurants within its walls easily.

Afin of improving customer experiences, the mall will now allow customers to bring beverages along as they shop. They have applied for a commercial lifestyle center license which enables restaurants to sell drinks to-go in cups with their logos displayed.

The owners remain confident in the mall’s success even after these changes. Howard Levine, the co-founder of the company and company co-owner, anticipates hearing back from Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority about their application later this summer; then, plans will be implemented later on.

Stony Point Fashion Park provides many amenities, including gift card purchases for any store you visit and a customer service center from nine am to five pm daily. Corporate purchases of gift cards are accepted, and free Wi-Fi service in many of its outdoor common areas.

North Tuckahoe, home to numerous neighborhoods including Stratford Hills, Huguenot, and Stony Point, is home to an upscale shopping center featuring high-end retail stores like this one; renting in this area can be costly with one-bedroom apartments costing an average of $1,424 monthly and two-bedroom ones around $2685 respectively. Most retail shops can be found inside the mall complex itself, although shops and restaurants are outside its walls.

It is a dog-friendly mall.

Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond welcomes leashed dogs of all breeds in all common areas and shops that display dog-friendly decals in their windows. Water troughs and pet cleanup stations can be found throughout the mall; there is even a small dog park area!

The shopping center features many of the area’s premier retailers, such as Saks and Dillard’s, and several restaurants, such as Three Dog Bakery and Roy’s Big Burger. Furthermore, in addition to retail shops, various events, and classes are hosted here, such as free yoga sessions and salsa lessons!

Richmond’s Stony Point Fashion Park could soon be known for more than its high-end stores and beautiful fountains. The outdoor mall is applying for an ABC permit that would enable restaurant tenants to sell to-go alcoholic beverages from cups branded with their name or logo rather than selling booze through the mall itself – part of Second Horizon Capital’s effort to inject fresh energy into its property.

If the permit is approved, visitors can consume alcoholic beverages in public areas like seating areas and the outdoor promenade; however, beverages purchased from restaurants with ABC licenses will only be legal. Unfortunately, drinking in parking lots belonging to mall tenants would be forbidden.

Stony Point Mall officials told 8News that owners believe adding alcohol will attract more customers, with hopes to hear back from ABC later this summer before possibly rolling out this program in spring. Short Pump Town Center has also applied for an open container permit and anticipates offering its program come springtime.

For more information about the mall, please visit its website or follow it on social media – Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for staying informed! You should also watch for updates from events, like River City Spirit Festival or Salsa Lessons taking place there!

It is a family-friendly mall.

Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond, Virginia, offers high-end retailers in an inviting park-like setting. Dog friendly and boasting many restaurants – including Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Anthropologie, P.F. Chang’s, Vineyard Vines Restoration Hardware Brio Tuscan Grille Sur La Table as well as annual events hosted here – it also hosts various yearly events with its proximity to Virginia Center Commons which boasts an exciting play area for kids!

Taubman Centers owns and operates this mall that opened its doors in 2003. With stores suitable for all ages and tastes, its ambiance is enhanced by gorgeous fountains and local architectural features such as beautiful architectural features like fountains. Furthermore, several popular restaurants can be found within, including CineBistro – an upscale restaurant where moviegoers can dine while watching major motion pictures.

Looking for that special someone or want a bit of retail therapy? Look no further! Stony Point Fashion Park has what you need – gifts for yourself or self-indulgence! With great stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Restoration Hardware and pet-friendly areas where your pup can rest – don’t forget your leash!

Stony Point Fashion Park boasts many beautiful attractions, one being its water park with fun water games for children – free with admission! A perfect way to spend the day with family or friends! Additionally, Virginia Center Commons nearby provides many dining options.

Another family-friendly activity to enjoy during winter at Stony Point Fashion Park is skating at their ice skating rink, which is open to people of all ages. In addition, there is also a children’s playground and free admission if all ages. In addition, you can visit their website to find more details of upcoming events or sign up for their Kidgits Club (free) to receive birthday presents and special offers!

It is a local mall.

Stony Point Fashion Park, opened in Richmond, Virginia, and owned by Taubman Centers since 2003, features an outdoor mall with over 60 upscale retailers and restaurants such as Tiffany & Co, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, P.F. Chang’s, Vineyard Vines, and many others. Beautiful fountains and local architectural design elements such as fountains incorporating local architecture. Plus, there’s dog-friendly access and comfort stations throughout this park-like center!

The mall features a customer service center open from 9 am until 5 pm daily, offering gift cards and other services, such as wheelchair and stroller rental services, wheelchair repairs and restroom rentals, public restrooms as well as leashed pet-friendly stores that allow their patrons to bring in their animals for retail purchase. It also has accessible WiFi networks available throughout its common areas and a customer service center that can assist in finding stores or restaurants within its confines if required, along with directions.

Stony Point Fashion Park is an increasingly popular event venue. Boasting a movie theatre, dance studio, dining options, and family-friendly artisanal markets throughout the year – not to mention an event calendar regularly updated to include holiday-related shows – Stony Point Fashion Park provides something for every type of event and performance!

Stony Point Fashion Park may have an excellent reputation, but it has recently fallen on hard times like Lindsay Lohan. The mall is struggling to stay alive and has lost some significant tenants, such as Stumpy’s Hatchet House, yet recently added a cooking school and restaurant called Edible Education to stay afloat.

Stony Point Mall has earned itself an exceptional reputation for food and service. It makes an ideal location to meet friends for meals or drinks; unlike many malls, Stony Point features some outstanding restaurants offering healthy yet delicious offerings; its food court also provides quick and cost-effective dining solutions; plus, it is conveniently situated right off of an interstate for easy access in and out.