Swimsuit Nova Boutique Reviews


Whether you’re looking for a perfect or unique swimsuit, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss features such as built-in cups, perfectly sized leg holes, compression fabric, tie-back, and more. In addition, we’ll cover how to buy one without being overwhelmed by the choices!

Perfectly sized leg holes

There’s no worse situation in a swimsuit than having the leg holes squeeze your underbutt. And luckily, the designers at Swimsuit Nova Boutique have you covered. Their swimsuits are fully adjustable to fit your body perfectly, giving you a lower-cut or high-cut look. You can even tie the swimsuit tighter to fit your shape.

Compression fabric

Compression fabric in swimsuits helps to maintain the body’s ideal shape and supports different activities. This type of fabric also aids in quick recovery after workouts. This is due to the slight compression it applies to the muscles. The compression improves blood circulation, which reduces post-exercise stiffness. It also enhances warm-up sessions, making muscles more pliable and resilient to damage.

Nylon and spandex are two popular swimsuit fabrics. Nylon is a soft fabric that can be satiny or glossy. Nylon is the primary material used in many solid-colored swimsuits, especially those of smaller brands.

Tie back

If you’re looking for a tie-back swimsuit, you’ve come to the right place. These swimsuits are available in a variety of styles and sizes. While they don’t give fuller coverage, they can help you look and feel great. In addition, you can find many different print and color options.


While the designer-produced swimsuits from Swimsuit Nova Boutique are primarily made in the USA, some brands also source materials from other sources. An example is Anekdot Boutique, which sources its fabrics from production leftovers, end-of-lines, deadstock, and vintage trimmings. It also offers a line of recycled swimsuits.