Yongelyuan Clothing Reviews


A review on Yongelyuan Clothing reveals that many customers were unaware that the company used stolen images. Some of their products are shipped from China directly to customers. Furthermore, Customer service is lacking. Some Customers have reported that their items have been delivered late and are of inferior quality.

Products were shipped directly from China.

Although ordering clothes from Chinese brands can be easy, sending them back to China isn’t. That’s a dilemma that is familiar to many Chinese clothing suppliers. Huang Qing, the creative director of athleisure brand Voice of Insiders, whose high-tech garments are made with colorfast nylon spun with marine collagen, has never had a returned item. He says sending the clothing back to China is just too frustrating.

A recent investigation by Fairfax Media revealed that clothing made by an Australian company in Pyongyang had been shipped directly from China to Rip Curl. The Australian company called the practice “unauthorized subcontracting.” It’s a common practice in the garment industry. The Textile, Clothing, and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFU) has dubbed the practice “China plus one.”

When shipping products directly from China, using a freight forwarding company is the best option. These companies act as intermediaries between a supplier’s factory in China and the final destination, handling everything from product sourcing to quality control. The company will also handle the process of packaging and shipping.

Some rules and regulations need to be followed when importing clothing from China. The most important rule is to choose a clothing manufacturer based on their product range. Most factories specialize in a particular type of clothing or use subcontractors to manufacture their products. Check the supplier’s website or Alibaba page to get an idea of what they make.