The Best Lifestyle Magazines For Men and Women


DiscountMags has lifestyle magazines covering luxury fashion, organic farming, living, exercise, and fitness, or cars that suit you perfectly. Plus, there are magazines tailored specifically towards men or women and regions in the United States!

Consumer magazines form habits by gathering audiences around shared needs and interests, shaping consumer lifestyles.


At its inception, Arnold Gingrich, David Smart, and Henry Jackson took different roles within Esquire magazine, enabling it to publish diverse political viewpoints and debates that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without their differing perspectives. After an initially controversial start-up period, Esquire eventually rose to national attention after Frank C. Walker tried to withdraw its second-class mailing privileges because it did not “dedicate sufficient space to useful information” worthy of receiving subsidies from Walker; Arnold Gingrich led an iconic court case in Gingrich’s defense which featured prominent writers in Gingrich’s defense while ultimately succeeding in defending Esquire’s victory!

By the 1950s, GQ had transformed from its initial scandalous image into a more traditional men’s periodical, publishing authors such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Wolfe, and Truman Capote. Additionally, GQ helped pioneer New Journalism trends by publishing such notable authors as Norman Mailer, Tim O’Brien, and John Sack Gay Talese.

Esquire expanded its audience during the 1970s by creating New York Woman, an offshoot magazine dedicated exclusively to female readers. After experiencing a decline during the 1990s, David Granger revived Esquire through his focus on style and lifestyle; one running gag featured within Esquire was its “Dubious Achievement Awards,” which poked fun at events from previous years.


GQ has long been considered the premiere men’s magazine. Each issue presents the latest fashion, delves into the lives of notable men of taste, and deepens your knowledge of cars, watches, travel, world cultures, etc. Additionally, GQ presents its Men of the Year Awards each year to recognize influential people from various fields.

Michael Welch saw GQ as an opportunity to redefine masculinity for contemporary men rather than an institution needing repair.

Welch has made GQ more accessible to younger readers while maintaining its tradition of luxury and style. GQ now follows trends in pop culture as well as politics, sports, celebrity news, and entertainment – something Maxim and FHM cannot claim to do. Its relative sophistication sets it apart from similar publications like Maxim.

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Harper’s BAZAAR

Harper’s BAZAAR will delight any fashion-lover. Packed with celebrity interviews, dating advice and beauty tips, political coverage, and colorful fashion editorials, Harper’s BAZAAR offers something for every reader!

Harper’s Magazine can be found online and in print format, offering coverage for fashion, beauty, food, travel, and culture topics. Established by book publishers Harper & Brothers in 1867 as part of their expanding publishing company – which already published periodicals such as Harper’s New Monthly and Weekly – Harper’s is available both digitally and physically.

Harper & Brothers publishing firm was the original publisher; siblings James, John, Joseph Wesley, and Fletcher Harper ran it. Editors at this magazine supported artists and writers, using it as a window into the world. Vogue became one of the very first fashion magazines to feature both illustrations and photographs on its covers; eventually, it became the premier source for women’s fashion and lifestyle advice, with Carmel Snow inviting photojournalist Martin Munkacsi onto a windswept beach to photograph an outdoor swimwear spread that revolutionized fashion magazine photography.


Men who love tattoos and want to show them off can turn to Inked magazine, which features trendy tattoo designs alongside cultural commentary in its rebellious pages. Furthermore, this magazine also includes interviews with well-known tattoo artists and inked celebrities.

Inked is a lifestyle digital media company focused on music, fashion, art, and sports. Known as an “outsiders’ insider media,” Inked has gained notoriety as an authoritative voice on tattooed stars such as Ozzy Osbourne, Kat Von D, Avril Lavigne and Diablo Cody – among many others.

Tattoo Life, published in the UK, provides information about tattoo culture, artists and products, and techniques these creative individuals use to craft their masterpieces. Tattoo Master magazine serves not only tattoo enthusiasts but those curious about the methods and skills employed by tattoo artists as well. Its editorials will keep readers thinking, featuring interviews with prominent tattooists, articles discussing current trends, and galleries featuring various body parts like sleeves and legs.

Life & Style Weekly

Life & Style Weekly magazine is perfect if you want to stay up-to-date on celebrity gossip and fashion trends, offering celebrity news and Hollywood’s timely trends and helping readers translate those styles into their everyday lives. Life & Style Weekly also provides shopping tips and diet advice that can improve daily living.

Life & Style Weekly, the inaugural weekly style magazine, brings readers the latest Hollywood fashion, beauty, lifestyle trends, celebrity news, and shopping information in an easy-to-read weekly magazine format. Each issue provides a glimpse into this week’s trends, compares celebrities’ old and new looks, photographs that capture the star best dressed – plus much more –

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Robb Report

Robb Report is a luxury-lifestyle magazine highlighting only the finest cars, boats, and jewelry. This publication has garnered a strong reader following interest in high-end products and experiences. Established over 40 years ago, this trusted source provides readers with reliable information regarding current high-end offerings and services.

Each issue of Robb Report showcases exclusive, high-end brands from around the globe. Additionally, it covers exotic travel destinations, luxury goods, and state-of-the-art home electronics. Furthermore, it serves as an avenue to connect like-minded tastemakers through events, private evenings, and vacations while offering articles about investing money, fine dining, and philanthropy.

The magazine strives to promote an extraordinary life well lived through print and digital editions, custom event experiences, and other media titles. The magazine is widely recognized as synonymous with wealth, luxury, and the best experiences; its international readership shares an appreciation of quality, exclusivity, partisanship, and heritage that define true luxury. Furthermore, its supportive workplace culture welcomes individuals of varying skill sets while accommodating busy schedules with flexible employment opportunities.