The Best Trolling Motors


This bow-mount trolling motor stands out from other models by offering an adjustable metal foot pedal that won’t flex and GPS navigation features comparable to more expensive systems.

Owners love that this model can withstand severe abuse while functioning as promised. Its calm and quiet operation extends its lifespan and comes equipped with a battery meter so they always know its power levels!

1. Garmin Force

Garmin Force trolling motor is the premier trolling motor on the market and offers a host of features designed to help anglers get on fish more quickly and stay there longer. Its powerful yet quiet motor ensures fish finders remain focused on them; an integrated sonar system assists with finding and keeping track of fish; it’s made for freshwater and saltwater use and is compatible with Garmin’s best fishing technology.

The Force 50 offers an efficient brushless motor running on either 24V or 36V that makes for effortless deployment and storage thanks to dual gas springs; plus, its three-year warranty and limited lifetime shaft warranty are both standard features.

This trolling motor is compatible with all Garmin fishfinders and chart plotters, enabling you to efficiently create routes, patterns, or tracks while fishing. Its GPS anchor lock feature works great even during windy or choppy conditions!

Garmin Force stands out from its competition thanks to its integrated sonar transducer featuring CHIRP traditional, Ultra HD ClearVu, and SideVu scanning sonars – perfect for precise boat positioning with minimal noise interference. An innovative cable management system manages built-in transducer cables and additional accessories like Panoptix LiveScope sonars for smooth performance.

Another stand-out feature of this trolling motor is its speed control feature. Anglers can easily set and adjust their desired speed with a button, making keeping up with current fishing patterns simple. This trolling motor has a battery meter to monitor how much power is consumed!

No matter where you fish – from Louisiana marshes to crystal-clear Ohio lakes – the Force 50 trolling motor is designed for all bodies of water. With its powerful yet efficient engine and integrated sonar for competitive advantage, plus easy maintenance and user-friendliness, you will love using and owning this trolling motor, and it will surely help catch more fish than ever.

2. Minn Kota Terrova

The Terrova trolling motor is an efficient workhorse designed to do any job with minimal hassle. Available in three power options – 55, 80, and 112 pounds of thrust – so you can find one suitable for your boat, this model also boasts several features that distinguish itself from competing brands.

Terrova utilizes an advanced digital motor controller, a Digital Maximizer, to optimize power. This feature evenly distributes forward and reverse power usage so as not to use more than necessary; additionally, it reduces battery-draining heat production while increasing run time by fivefold!

Minn Kota boats boast a spring-loaded mount that makes storing and deploying motors easy; just by pressing a pedal or remote, your engine will rise or descend seamlessly! Furthermore, there’s even a master cut-off switch that prevents it from running when stored away.

All this comes with the standard autopilot features, including wind adjustments, current, and compass heading. The motor will make these necessary corrections automatically to maintain course even under adverse conditions.

Select models offer the i-Pilot GPS trolling system for an added automation layer. With its remote control and Spot-Lock features, i-Pilot keeps you on target and ensures an enjoyable fishing experience. Plus, with the newer upgrade of i-Pilot Link (which integrates all functionality plus Humminbird fish finder integration), even further automation is available!

Minn Kota stands out from Lowrance Ghost and Garmin Force by featuring several beneficial features, such as a sacrificial anode and marine-grade paint job. A sacrificial anode will prevent rapid corrosion of its motor and help ensure smooth functioning, while its marine paint job protects from sun damage and deterioration.

Upgrade the Terrova with additional features, such as Mega Imaging sonar and Universal Sonar 2, so that all your Humminbird, Lowrance, or Garmin fishing electronics can be integrated seamlessly onto a single display, and you have easy access to all of your favorite features at one time.

3. Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels creates high-quality trolling motors to enable outdoor enthusiasts to experience life on the water. Their wide variety of sizes, designs, and powering options allows Newport Vessels motors to meet all your aquatic adventures – with two-year warranty periods to ensure your investment remains protected.

Newport’s Kayak Series trolling motors are ideal for kayaks, dinghies, and inflatable boats. Their unique design enables easy mounting and control from your vessel’s cockpit; their ultra-quiet operation won’t spook away delicate fish like stripers, fluke, and weakfish from shallow waters; plus, their quick-release shaft and removable cord make storage simple!

These saltwater-friendly trolling motors make an excellent choice for brackish waters and estuaries, and their ease of maneuverability allows you to quickly get on a plane and stay put even during rough conditions.

Newport Vessels’s NV Series 55lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor can be used on any transom-mounted boat, kayak, or dinghy. It features five forward speeds and three reverse speeds to provide precise speed control depending on your situation, plus a height-adjustable head and telescoping handle to make this trolling motor comfortable at any angle.

Newport’s Smart Battery Box Power Station is indispensable to any trolling motor. Protecting both you and your battery while providing quick access for connecting power cables to terminals on the engine and being an efficient charging station for additional accessories like GPS devices, this accessory offers convenient solutions.

Newport Vessels’ Newport EZ-Pow trolling motor is another top performer. Designed to work on various vessels ranging from kayaks and dinghies to inflatable boats and pontoons, this quiet, powerful, affordable option makes an excellent choice for recreational boaters of all kinds – even novice boaters can benefit from using one! Easy setup and use make the EZ-Pow an attractive proposition.

4. Lowrance Ghost

Lowrance Ghost trolling motors offer some of the most potent engines available today, enabling you to fish longer, run faster, and move closer without ever scaring away fish. Boasting an advanced propulsion technology and brushless motor that delivers an impressive thrust/run time ratio and seamless integration, users have touchscreen control from compatible Lowrance HDS LIVE/Carbon/Elite Ti2 displays (sold separately).

Ghost’s configurable foot pedal gives every angler the power to customize how they control their trolling motor in any way that suits them best. Adjust your Flip Switch side-of-choice, program shortcut keys for functions you use frequently, and monitor battery levels with an integrated battery-level indicator – plus, its brushless motor operates more quietly than conventional brushed motors while emitting no electromagnetic interference, providing clear sonar views on compatible displays.

This trolling motor has a tether cable for effortless boat attachment and a quick-release lever enabling deployment or storage in less than two seconds. Furthermore, its dual-action gas spring is more straightforward and quieter than previous models when deploying or stowing your motor.

Lowrance’s Active Imaging sonar offers another great advantage of trolling motors: they can be combined to gain an even clearer view of what lies below your boat – this feature is beneficial when searching for fish hiding spots.

With the Lowrance fish finder and this trolling motor, you can create and adjust a course and speed using Lowrance’s fish finder. Additionally, the trolling engine will alert you of debris or rocks in your path while providing you with a map of your entire area, making navigation simpler while navigating and avoiding obstacles more efficiently.

Another advantage of this trolling motor is its versatility; it can be used in freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. Furthermore, its high-speed prop allows you to reach up to 25 mph, perfect for areas with strong winds where moving quickly between spots may be essential. Again, this trolling motor is user-friendly enough for even novice fishermen.