Top 5 Moda Food Places in Istanbul


This tavern is a short walk from the Moda Center and offers diverse drinks and dishes. Bar Botellon serves tapas and conservas alongside wine, beer, and cider.

The first-ever Hove Food Trail is supported by headline sponsor Moda Living, the Build to Rent developer operators whose Moda, Hove Central neighborhood opens later this year.


Whether you get up early or stay late, start your day with a leisurely breakfast at a Moda tea-garden. Walk down Ferit Tek Street (Dodo, Kirinti, and Casa D’Moda are lined on your right, and Guvert Cafer and Sedef Cafe are on the left) towards the sea and sit at any of the three tea gardens. They have the old-style billing system where glasses and plates are counted as bills, and employees remember their regular customers’ preferences.

Try their manti wraps (think Turkish-style ravioli) topped with yogurt, oregano and sumac. And don’t miss out on the cig borek, a savory pastry filled with ground meat and topped with oregano. The prices are very reasonable, and the food is tasty and filling. They also serve various desserts, fresh fruits, and juices. The service is amiable. There is outdoor seating available when weather permits.


Moda Van Kahvalti is a great place to enjoy Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. Guests can also try perfectly cooked peka and tasty menudo here. This place is close to Istanbul Presbyterian Church and has a charming atmosphere. The staff is well-trained and friendly.

Located in Kadikoy-Moda, Sayla Manti makes one thing, and only one thing: manti. Like ravioli, this savory pastry has a ground meat filling and is served with yogurt. The secret to the dish is in the seasoning – sprinkle oregano and sumac on top and dig in.

The restaurant is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it for those craving a healthier alternative to fast food. The portions are generous and you can bring your kids. It’s an excellent option for a quick lunch.


By day, Uva is a European-inspired espresso bar + cafe serving decadent specialty coffees and small plates mid-day. By night, it’s a rustic Italian-inspired restaurant designed by Cibo Trattoria’s talented culinary team.

In a tiny Kadikoy-Moda space, Basta is breathing new life into everyone’s favorite fast food with their stuffed wraps (drunk). Their menu includes chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian options. Make sure to ask for the oregano and sumac on the side.

This no-frills eatery makes one thing, and it’s a good thing: manti. The Turkish ravioli is stuffed with ground meat and topped with yogurt. Also, try the cig borek, a savory pastry filled with ground meat.