Top 5 Puzzle Games For Adults


Puzzle games provide an enjoyable alternative to shooting or building RPG teams; these titles can take you on grand stories while challenging you to collaborate in co-op gameplay or test your cognitive abilities. What is the perfect way to find the Free Online Games?

Candy Crush Saga, one of the original mobile puzzle games, has become an unparalleled phenomenon since being downloaded over 2.7 billion times since its introduction. Other notable offerings in this genre are Zero Escape and Antichamber.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most beloved mobile games ever created, boasting colorful graphics and easy gameplay that make it easy for anyone to pick up and enjoy it – yet also requires fast decision-making abilities and observation skills, becoming highly addictive over time.

If you find yourself stuck on a level, try closely examining the whole board before making any moves. This will allow you to identify combinations that might work and take advantage of boosters whenever available; these extra ‘boosters’ could give your game an extra boost and increase your odds of victory!

If you’re searching for something more challenging than Candy Crush, Threes! is an exciting free app that challenges players to match numbers by moving cards across a board. Starting simple enough but becoming increasingly more challenging over time!


Gorogoa is a puzzle game designed by Jason Roberts that, when played well, can feel like magic. Players use various panels that shift and overlap to form worlds within worlds with connections that seem impossible – yet somehow always make sense.

Gorogoa’s dynamic sequences demonstrate Robert’s extraordinary attention to detail. His art captures a world in which fantasy coexists peacefully alongside reality.

One panel might show a boy looking out his window at the city beyond, while another might show an entranceway on top of that roof. You can move these panels around the screen to form bigger pictures with shared elements or open new vistas.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley will draw your interest if you enjoy puzzle games that look like works of art. Its beautiful levels can even be framed on your wall, and its engaging story will keep you engaged throughout the game.

Monument Valley is a challenging puzzle game with ingenious mazes full of optical illusions, where players must manipulate the landscape by pulling walkways and rotating structures around to form new paths in the game world.

Monument Valley debuted nine years ago and immediately made waves within mobile gaming circles. Proving that mobile gaming could be as immersive and meaningful as console and PC titles, its soothing visual style and the heartwarming story was a refreshing departure from other titles’ fast-paced action and loud audio output.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a fantastic game for adults because it is challenging, creative, and enjoyable. The storyline is captivating, and the puzzles are challenging but enjoyable – the only drawback may be some darker content with some rude jokes thrown in, though no profanities.

This game can teach many subjects in the classroom, including physics and chemistry. For example, students can test various surfaces using the portal gun to see how they interact. Chemicals may also be tested in chambers for testing purposes, and users can create puzzles to see if they work correctly before trying engineering concepts like Rube Goldberg machines or building other apparatuses in these chambers.


Lumosity is a popular brain training game that helps users develop speed, memory, attention span, flexibility, and problem-solving abilities. Through an assortment of fun, it creates a customized training program that can be played at home or work.

Games designed by this company are intended to be both enjoyable and challenging, providing helpful feedback on user performance. Furthermore, adding simple reflection questions increases engagement rates and subscription rates.

Exercise is essential to overall physical well-being; cognitive workouts can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and other mental health conditions. Lumosity provides fun cognitive activities you can compete with friends.

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