WoW Noble Garden Guide


WoW’s Noblegarden event has arrived! Get ready for egg hunts, fancy outfits, and cheap chocolate! This year’s event offers ten easy-to-acquire achievements, including Noble Gardener, contributing to one of WoW’s most significant meta achievements: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been, and eventually results in Reins of Violet Proto-Drake.

1. Easter Eggs

Noble Garden is a low-key holiday, but it provides an excellent chance to gain some great event items and work towards the Noble Gardener meta achievement – which rewards you with the 310% speed Violet Proto-Drake. Most activities focus on level-5 towns (Stormwind and Silvermoon City for Alliance; Bloodhoof Village, Dolanaar, and Kharanos for Horde). Brightly-colored eggs will spawn throughout these cities during Noble Garden; visit regularly throughout its duration to gain loot from within their interior!

This year’s event stands out with its Spring Rabbit companion. To acquire one, visit each starting town for your faction and wait for someone with a Spring Rabbit following them to approach you – you can click to make them hug you, and when they do, you’ll receive your pet.

Noblegarden also features several achievements to accomplish, but they can require some luck and dedication. Many items needed for these achievements can drop randomly from Brightly Colored Eggs; therefore, you must keep logging in until they appear. One way of shortening this search time is through Handy Notes, which displays where each zone’s Brightly Colored Eggs spawn; you can mark their locations on both World Map and Minimap – making this AddOn an invaluable asset when working toward Noblegarden Achievements! You can download it free from the Wowhead website or the application! You can download Handy Notes from either the Wowhead website or the application.

2. Spring Robes

Noblegarden allows players to purchase spring robes from vendors for 50 chocolate. Once purchased, these can be used to plant flowers in Kalimdor’s deserts – Thousand Needles, Tanaris Badlands, and Silithus Desolace to complete Desert Rose’s achievement quickly and effortlessly. This is one of Noblegarden’s easier achievements that takes little time or effort.

To maximize the experience of this event, it is necessary to complete several achievements. Many can be found on the WoW Achievements guide page; some will give you cosmetic items or mounts while others can help your faction unlock some remarkable achievements – some even help contribute towards What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been meta-achievements!

Noblegarden features three key achievements this year. Noble Gardener is the easiest of these, simply needing you to leave an egg somewhere in Stormwind (Alliance) or Silvermoon City (Horde). Dressed for the Occasion can be found inside a Brightly Colored Egg, while Sunday’s Finest will give you Black Tuxedo Pants and Shirt from any vendor!

3. Spring Circlet

White Tuxedo Shirt and Spring Circlet can be found inside Brightly Colored Eggs, while Blossoming Branch and Spring Rabbit’s Foot can be purchased from Noblegarden vendors or as quest rewards. However, there’s also the chance of discovering all four items within a Noblegarden Florist’s Pouch sold from event vendors for 50 Noblegarden Chocolates – or you could always use your Lucky Coins from past events to do just that!

This year’s Pouch contains the Spring Florist’s Hat required for Desert Rose achievement. Noblegarden has been revamped this year to be more efficient, with egg hunts now taking place at Alliance and Horde starting zones instead of being scattered across every zone in the game – this reduces time spent hunting eggs while making this holiday much less time-consuming! Additionally, Noblegarden achievements now count towards the What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been meta-achievement, which awards a 310% speed Violet Proto-Drake.

Noblegarden achievements may not be challenging, but they take some time. To speed up this process and reap its rewards more quickly, consider joining a guild or community that can assist with the work. Alternatively, prepare yourself for an hour-long ordeal that could last all week long before finally yielding the fruition of your efforts and reward!

4. Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit

At Noblegarden, you can acquire a rabbit polymorph by purchasing the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit from an event vendor for 100 Chocolates and level 60. Additionally, this seems to cancel any previously known polymorph glyphs.

Notably, rabbit polymorph only works while you possess the buff. As such, this means you will lose it if you shapeshift, mount, use special Hearthstones from Marshal’s Stand in Un’goro Crater, exit the game entirely, shapeshift again, or shapeshift with multiple people to obtain various buffs at the same time. Therefore, it is advised that numerous people try this together to maximize the chances of receiving various lovers simultaneously.

This year’s Noblegarden offers ten relatively effortless achievements that offer rewards outside the traditional egg-hunting experience. These achievements include Noble Gardener – counting towards What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been and moving you closer to Violet Proto-Drake status.

Four additional achievements require cooperative effort, and to complete these, you will need someone on your team or guild willing to lend a helping hand. The first challenge entails hunting down an increasing number of Brightly Colored Eggs across each significant city (Stormwind for Alliance and Silvermoon City for Horde) until one transforms you into a Bunny. Visit Un’goro Crater or Golakka Hot Springs as a bunny and stand there while holding Spring Flowers purchased from event vendors to start laying eggs for you – they can then be looted later! Two other achievements involve finding female rabbits of each race (which should be straightforward) and placing bunny ears onto them using Spring Flowers that you can buy for 50 Chocolates from vendors at these events.

5. Spring Rabbit’s Foot

The Noble Garden is an event introduced this year that offers various rewards, from companion pets (Spring Rabbit’s Foot), clothing items, mounts and achievements – which you can find from multiple Noblegarden vendors across Alliance and Horde starter areas – to achievements which count toward Noble Gardener meta-achievements which reward a stylish new title as well as 310% speed Violet Proto-Drake (required for What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been).

Brightly Colored Eggs should be your primary target when hunting in Noblegarden. You can collect these from eggs you loot yourself or purchase them from Noblegarden vendors for 100 Noblegarden Chocolate; each egg can contain multiple items, but the most sought-after are Spring Rabbit’s Foot and Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit.

This summons an adorable rabbit pet immune to stun and root effects, who occasionally “fall in love” with any nearby Spring Rabbit and releases an egg that eventually hatches into baby bunnies. This fun addition to Noblegarden walks is a great way to collect items you desire, although it can take quite a bit of patience to organize everything!

Black Spring Circlets (50 chocolates), Mystical Spring Bouquet (20 chocolates and an adorable rabbit-shaped pet), and Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit (10 chocolates that turn your polymorphed targets into rabbits) may take some time to collect; you can buy or earn them through other achievements (A Tisket, A Tasket, A Noblegarden Basket). Just be sure you have enough cash before buying all this cool stuff!