Schneider Electric HOM3060M200PQCVP 200 Amp Panel


A 200 amp panel should support multiple circuits to meet the electrical demands of different sockets and appliances, this being accomplished with various breakers installed within it. Discover the best info about نماینده زیمنس در یران.

This option stands out as one of the most economical choices offered in this listicle as it comes with an extended 1-year warranty – something uncommon among entry-level products.

1. Square D HOM3060M200PQCVP

The Schneider Electric HOM3060M200PQCVP 200 amp, 30-space, 60-circuit indoor main breaker load center designed specifically for residential use is engineered to meet all safety standards and requirements, providing your family with optimal protection from injury or harm. Furthermore, its cover adds extra protection while giving a sleek aesthetic look – an excellent solution for new builds or upgrades and providing reliable power solutions.

This Siemens load center makes installation quick and straightforward with its plug-on neutral connection for short wiring. Furthermore, its smaller electronic breaker footprint offers additional room to make connections – helping reduce installation time and costs.

2. Siemens SN200P200M

Siemens SN Series load centers provide an economical and quick installation option when value and speed are top priorities. Labor-saving features such as plug-on neutral breakers, the patented Insta Wire Neutral/Ground System (insta-wire Neutral/Ground System), convertibility, mounting trim tabs, and convertibility help minimize installation time while increasing flexibility and decreasing installation times significantly. Available as one and 2-pole CAFCI load centers as well as 1-pole Dual Function load centers or 1-pole GFCI options, the Siemens SN series load centers offer multiple configuration options that are surefire winners in terms of value and quickness of deployment.

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3. GE Energy TLM2020CCUP

If you’re in search of an efficient 200 amp panel that is also perfect for heavy-load tools and appliances, Siemens provides one. Their model comes equipped with an impressive current draw rating of up to 200 amps, which makes this ideal for even the most potent electric circuits and appliances without causing issues at any point in time. Plus, they also include a two-year warranty for added peace of mind!

This entry-level option stands out as being both affordable and capable, making it a fantastic value at this price point. Even with its modest entry-level price tag, the unit still supports multiple circuits and spaces, which makes for quite an impressive performance at this cost point.

Additionally, this unit boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it the perfect solution for beginners. Starting, its fully loaded and wired load center can be ready for use right out of the box without needing additional wiring; furthermore, it features a safe plug-on neutral to ease the installation process further – plus its compatibility with GFCIs, AFCIs, and Dual Function breakers too!

4. GE Energy TLM2080CCUP

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The Siemens Plug-on Neutral load center features a space-saving neutral bus and reduced electronic breaker footprint for easier wire bending space and reduced time spent bending neutral wires on installation jobs.

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