Choosing the Best Golf Balls


Your ideal golf ball will depend on your personal needs and goals; some people like to maximize distance off the tee, while others want an exceptional feel around the greens.

Golf Galaxy offers several ball options with low driver spin that will reduce sidespin and increase distance, such as:


Lower handicap golfers typically prefer to spin around the greens, while higher and mid-handicappers may favor distance from their drives instead of spin. Spin is often associated with less accuracy and more misses off the tee; therefore, they require balls that provide maximum distance while working well with their short game. Low-spin golf balls may provide this advantage; these typically feature urethane coating for reduced spin rates than premium balls.

Beginners to mid-handicappers looking for low-spin golf balls should focus on choosing one with a solid core and durable cover to withstand rough lies and tee shots while still performing at its best. Furthermore, smooth surfaces should feature minimal dimples to reduce air resistance so the ball flies higher and farther while rolling smoothly when hitting the ground.

Titleist Pro V1 series golf balls are an excellent option for this category of golfers, with low spin rates on full shots that increase distance and an anti-slice/hook design that prevents slices/hooks. In addition, their high gradient core provides extra support at its edges while being soft in its center for an improved experience.

Kirkland Signature produces low-spin golf balls for average players, offering various models at a reasonable cost and exceptional performance and value. These products from this company have proven popular.

Bridgestone Tour B RXS, explicitly designed to target low and mid handicappers, is another high-performance ball that delivers maximum distance with reduced long-game spin. Its FastLayer core helps players maximize driver distance while decreasing long-game spin – providing optimal performance from tee to green.

Vice Golf Balls offers an affordable alternative to high-end brands. Crafted by a relatively new company with an experienced designer, these golf balls have garnered multiple top awards from Golf Digest’s Hot List. Five options guarantee you find something suitable for your swing speed and budget.


Finding the ideal golf ball can significantly impact your scores when playing golf. Selecting one tailored to your swing speed and spin can help increase fairway hits, make short game practice sessions go more smoothly, and add yards to drives. However, not all balls are created equally, and finding ones suitable to your game can be difficult; thankfully, there is an array of choices from leading manufacturers such as Titleist and TaylorMade that offer Tour-proven and budget-friendly models available on the market today.

If you’re looking for a golf ball that will give you maximum distance, look no further than the Titleist Velocity. This two-piece ball features an advanced dimple pattern to reduce drag and increase the velocity of drives. At the same time, its durable cover protects against wear and tear for a long-lasting experience, unlike premium balls, which typically consist of three or four layers.

Wilson ERC Soft Golf Balls are another fantastic option for distance. With low driver spin that helps prevent slice, this golf ball provides increased space on every drive. Furthermore, its ionomer cover offers an excellent greenside feel, while an alignment aid side-stamp is included to assist with your shot-making process. These are excellent choices for beginner players and high handicappers looking to save money.

One of the critical criteria in selecting a golf ball is its compression rating. A lower-compression golf ball works better for slower swing speeds, while high-compression models may better suit faster movers. Furthermore, high-compression balls will fly further because lower-compression ones have stored more energy within their core.

The PGA TOUR Superstore is an online retailer offering a selection of golf balls from some of the industry’s most acclaimed brands, such as Titleist and TaylorMade. You’ll find balls here that cater to beginner to experienced players, conveniently organized into categories to help find the ball for your game!


When selecting the optimal golf balls, one should consider their overall game and desired improvement when making their choice. This will enable them to choose a ball that meets both distance and short game performance needs best; there are various types available on the market, so it may take some trial-and-error to find one that works well with their game – for instance, if you need more control around greens opt for one that provides superior feel; otherwise, try investing in more costly models which offer added distance potential.

Vice’s golf ball recommendations tool can help you identify the appropriate ball for your game based on six criteria such as gender, average score, clubhead speed, and desired amount of spin on wedges. Once complete, this will display five Vice golf balls that meet these requirements for your skill level, have earned high ratings from golfers, and are included on Golf Digest’s Hot List.

Srixon Soft Response golf balls are an ideal solution for high-handicap players. Their three-piece construction features low compression to help those with slower swing speeds generate more distance and softer cover material that enhances feel and spin on greens. Its durable ionomer cover also reduces scuff resistance while offering excellent short-game performance.

Titleist AVX golf balls are another excellent option for high handicap golfers, offering an innovative core and dimple pattern designed to reduce drag, giving more distance on every shot. Their soft feel and improved spin around the green make them suitable for all levels of play and come in various colors for easy identification on course.

Srixon Z-STAR golf balls are premium balls designed to accommodate high handicap and beginner golfers, featuring low compression and an improved fast-layer core that increases distance with your driver. Furthermore, this affordable ball comes in various colors to match your style and budget.


Golf balls may seem expensive, but there are also affordable alternatives that offer excellent performance for less. While they might not look as pretty or feel quite soft compared to more costly options, these balls still provide superior performance at a fraction of the cost. It’s essential to consider your requirements when buying one; for example, a high handicapper might benefit from using low-compression balls with increased distance; intermediate players could prefer balls with greater spin control to help control shots around greens more precisely.

Snell’s Get Sum golf ball provides an outstanding combination of performance and value. Featuring a low compression rating to make shots more consistent and a thin surlyn cover to produce more spin on wedges, it will deliver solid results at an excellent value for recreational golfers who lose multiple balls regularly.

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls provide the ideal combination of forgiveness and feel, featuring a 344-speed dimple pattern to reduce drag while creating extra distance. Furthermore, their softer material keeps its shape on approach shots and around greens.

Finding the ideal golf ball depends on several factors, including your swing speed and preferences. While two-piece balls are cheaper and work well for most golfers, experienced players might benefit from using balls with four or five layers for optimal play.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is an excellent low-cost solution for beginner and high-handicapper golfers searching for performance-driven balls at an economical price point. Boasting lower compression than its competition, this ball can be hit from nearly all clubs without causing too much strain to the body and will fly long from the tee.