Copa Restaurant Reviews


If you’re in the market for a great dinner, read up on Copa Restaurant reviews. This popular restaurant serves international dishes and is known worldwide. You’ll find an eclectic menu, creative cocktails, and meat-and-cheese platters to keep your palate occupied. In addition, Copa Restaurant is a fantastic place to try Brazilian food and other international fare.

Copa Matos’ new restaurant explores his native cuisine.

Copa Matos’ new restaurant explored his native cuisine in a new way. The couple closed their Old Havana Sandwich Shop last February to open COPA. The space features farm-to-table Cuban sandwiches, traditional plates during the day, and old Cuban cocktails and tapas at night. They took their cues from a circa-1864 cookbook of Cuban dishes. As a result, the restaurant has a fun, convivial atmosphere. The décor includes ink drawings of Cuban artists.

The menu is varied, but one common element is cassava root. The owner grinds the meat himself. The menu also features salads and snacks from his 10-acre family farm.

Menu is eclectic

Copa restaurant offers a menu that takes diners on a culinary journey worldwide. The menu features dishes that are fresh, seasonal, and made with locally sourced ingredients. I ordered the crabacado, a stuffed avocado with crab drizzled with a savoury poppy-seed vinaigrette. I also enjoyed the “Truffle Scallops,” which were generous portions of scallops served in a creamy truffle parmesan sauce. The dish came with a side of thick French bread and field greens. It was delicious.

Cocktails are creative

COPA’s bar menu is full of creative cocktails with seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Many of the drinks are made with a story behind them. For example, the Titan de Bronce, named after Cuban national hero Antonio Maceo, is a drink made with rum, pineapple syrup, and bitters. A more classic cocktail, the Cuba Libre, also has its share of exciting flavours.

Copa restaurant offers a variety of international drinks and tapas inspired by Latin American and European seaside cafes. The vibrant, tropical-inspired interior features dim lighting and lush indoor plants. Guests can enjoy a drink with their favourite appetizer or a full-course meal.

Meat-and-cheese platters keep the palate engaged.

A meat-and-cheese platter is a perfect appetizer to get your palate hopping. Copa’s meat and cheese platters engage the palate with various flavours and textures. You can find a variety of varieties at Copa, which also offers custom gift baskets that include specialty foods.

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