Direct Line Group Car and Home Insurance Review


Direct Line Group began by offering car insurance over the phone in 1985 and quickly made waves for their customer-first approach by eliminating intermediaries, forms, and jargon. Since then, they have put customer needs first by simplifying transactions for all. Find out the best info about Direct Line Claims Number.

Now, Direct Line Group owns several well-known brands such as Direct Line, Churchill, Darwin & Privilege, as well as NIG & Green Flag – as well as 23 auto repair centers nationwide.


Direct Line Insurance Services Ltd, part of the NIG insurance group, has provided car and home policies to UK customers since 1894 at competitive prices while upholding excellent customer service practices that have won them several awards over time.

NIG also provides commercial insurance products and services, including general liability, auto, property, and business owners policy (BOP). Businesses choosing this coverage will have access to dedicated account managers as well as access to the NIG network of insurers for added peace of mind.

More than one-quarter of UK firms are contemplating cost-cutting measures due to rising raw material costs, according to research commissioned by commercial insurer NIG. This increase may hard-hit smaller firms in particular.

NIG stands for National Insurance and Guarantee Corporation. Established in Britain on October 8, 1894, this first commercial insurer offered comprehensive personal and commercial lines of coverage at competitive prices. Today, it remains a crucial player in the insurance industry and an essential provider of motor coverage both commercially and privately.


Direct Line was one of the UK’s first telephone-only car insurers when it began operations in 1985, making the customer the priority by cutting out intermediaries, forms, and jargon – revolutionary changes in insurance at that time. Customers today can purchase a home, pet, travel, and over 50s life and cycling coverage either online or over the phone from Direct Line; additionally, in 2007, Direct Line for Business launched, offering products suited for landlords and small businesses alike.

Direct Line Group launched its Future Talent scheme to assist young people in building the necessary workplace skills. Students participated in both in-person and virtual events to experience what working at Direct Line is really like – Finance, Technology, and Marketing colleagues shared their knowledge and insight with participants.

Direct Line Group, with subsidiaries Churchill, Privilege, Darwin, and Green Flag, is a general insurer with expertise in motor, home, pet, and travel as well as creditor, van breakdown, and landlord insurance policies; additionally, they also provide vehicle repair services via their network of 23 Auto Repair Centres located across the UK.


Direct Line was established as the UK’s first telephone-only car insurer in 1985, putting customers first by eliminating paperwork, forms, and jargon from its processes. Since then, it has expanded into home, pet, travel, over 50s life, and cycling policies for customers across a variety of areas of life.

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Direct Line Group, established as a telephone-only car insurer in 1985, has grown into one of the UK’s premier insurance providers with several subsidiaries. From car coverage through home, pet, travel, over 50s life cycling, and SELECT Premier policies – each available both online and over the phone – Direct Line Group stands out as being quick, simple, and humanized in service provision.

Direct Line’s partnership team works closely with price comparison websites to arrange motor and home insurance coverage for their customers, while their network of 23 Bodyshops repairs an estimated 90,000 accident-damaged vehicles annually. In addition, Direct Line also arranges life assurance and retirement income products and has a stake in roadside assistance and recovery company Green Flag.


The group’s commercial business provides coverage to small businesses and landlords. Their partnerships team works with organizations like Starling Bank, Nationwide Building Society, and Sainsbury’s as partners. DLG Auto Services operates a network of body shops that repair an estimated 90,000 accident-damaged vehicles annually; Churchill and Green Flag also offer commercial non-life products to address specific business needs.

Direct Line started operations in 1985 with car insurance sold exclusively over the telephone – considered revolutionary at that time as it removed intermediaries, forms, and jargon. Since then, they have expanded to offer home, pet, travel, over 50s life cycling insurance policies, van, landlord breakdown, and commercial property coverage as well.

After its separation from RBS in 2012, DLG needed to modernize its HR systems and standardize data across its organization. DLG selected Workday due to its accurate reports as part of an eventual IPO. DLG required an affordable solution that could scale quickly while being quickly deployed and easily managed – these criteria led DLG towards choosing Workday as its solution of choice.

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