Who Owns Esurance?


Although Allstate and Esurance are owned by the same parent company, both should be seen as two independent insurers. Each offers different features to appeal to different demographics, while Esurance focuses more on providing discounts.

DriveSense, which monitors driving habits and rewards good behavior, and Fuelcaster are two programs designed to assist motorists in saving money when filling up with gas.


Allstate Insurance Company is renowned for offering over 113 million customized auto, home, life, and life policies through a network of 12,000 exclusive and independent agents throughout Northbrook, Illinois. They specialize in car, motorcycle, ATV, homeowners renters, condo, and business insurance policies and offer classic car coverage and Mexico travel auto coverage policies.

Allstate Insurance Company is known for providing excellent customer service and competitive rates. Their claims satisfaction rating exceeds industry norms, while their auto accident forgiveness coverage helps drivers retain their rates following an at-fault accident. Allstate can be found across 43 states.

HomeAdvisor offers an array of homeowner insurance solutions, such as its Home Concierge service, to assist with repairs and maintenance needs. Furthermore, its digital tools help homeowners take inventory of their belongings, manage finances and assess home values accurately – plus, an online locker app provides an additional layer of security to store essential documents safely online.

Allstate Insurance Company of America is one of the nation’s premier insurers, spending one billion dollars to purchase Esurance and White Mountains Insurance in 2011. Allstate anticipates this transaction will not hurt earnings during its initial year as ownership. They plan to consolidate both brands under its umbrella brand.

White Mountains Insurance

Allstate and Esurance operate as separate companies despite sharing a parent company, giving customers access to a broader selection of discounts, coverage options, and claims processes. Both offer easy mobile app navigation and user-friendly website features; Allstate boasts a strong market reputation for fast and reliable claims processes.

This company provides insurance and financial services through its various subsidiaries. It operates its business using four segments: HG Global/BAM, NSM, Kudu, and Other Operations. The first of these – HG Global/BAM – encompasses investment in HG Global Limited as well as Build America Mutual Assurance Company’s (BAM) results while NSM serves as a full-service managing general underwriting agency/program administrator for specialty property & casualty insurance policies while Kudu provides capital solutions to boutique asset management firms including acquisition/growth finance solutions generational ownership transfers/legacy partner liquidity solutions for boutique asset management firms.

Comparably is currently working to enhance its customer service and expand its product offering, recently unveiling ShareSmart to protect rideshare drivers in case of an accident. They also provide auto and home coverage options, leading the industry in offering seamless digital experiences. According to Comparably, employees are highly engaged with their workplace; Comparably strives to foster creativity and innovation while creating an environment conducive to positive work cultures and fostering creative solutions.

Answer Financial

Answer Financial offers consumers an unparalleled online insurance marketplace experience. Their vast network of coverage options and carriers allows customers to select a policy tailored specifically for them and their lifestyle budget. In addition, Answer Financial features an easy online claims process; however, if you require help filing or filing your claim directly with your insurer, it would be wiser.

Though it’s wise to shop around for insurance policies, you should only buy from licensed companies in your state. A licensed agent will help you understand your coverage options and make informed decisions while saving you money through discounts.

Insurance shoppers use Answer Financial to compare prices and buy car and home policies from top insurance providers. With its selection of auto, home, condo, renters, and life policies through its website and customer call center, Answer Financial serves insurance shoppers in Encino, California, with investors including Allstate Insurance Company, Deutsche Bank CCP Equity Partners, and Elliott Management among many others.

Allstate Corporation owns Answer Financial and offers an online insurance marketplace for consumers to compare and purchase auto, home, life, and other personal policies. They have over $119 billion in assets with an A+ rating from A.M. Best, an indicator of financial stability with minimal risk associated with paying claims.

Esurance Holdings

Esurance is an online auto insurance provider offering homeowners, renters, and car policies. Their eco-friendly advertising campaigns have made them a favorite among many consumers; Esurance boasts a high customer satisfaction rating and is accredited with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd owns White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd and operates as a subsidiary of Allstate Corporation, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They boast an exceptional standing within their industry as a leader in digital marketing, with their most recent campaign, “Election Insurance,” being a success and being featured as one of several Best Ads of 2015.

Esurance employees currently enjoy an average salary of $141,163, though individual salaries will depend upon department and position. A Director of Engineering earns the highest annual salary at Esurance, with $237,594. Comparably rates Esurance’s workplace culture as below average. Office Culture and Professional Development have room for improvement; however, employees are delighted with their benefits and PTO package, which offers an average of 15-20 days off each year. Furthermore, the first day on the job experiences were described as exceptional. Allstate Insurance announced on Wednesday that it would acquire Esurance and Answer Financial from White Mountains for $700 million plus tangible book value at closing to address the outstripping growth in their online auto sales channel, which has outpaced traditional agent-selling models. This acquisition will aid Allstate in growing this sales channel to address increased demands.