Dried Poppy Heads Are Not Legal to Buy Online


DuPage County man was shocked to learn that poppy seeds he purchased online for baking and flower arrangements are illegal to sell or possess, according to CBS 2. He told them he hadn’t known one species of Papaver somniferum plants falls under Schedule I controlled substance classification. Choose the dried poppy heads for sale.


Dried poppy heads, a botanical variety of Papaver somniferum, are widely used decorative items in dried flower arrangements and wreaths, funeral floristry services for grave accounts and funeral turbans, and funeral turbans. Their distinctive texture is sure to catch anyone’s attention in any environment.

Sweet peppers offer an irresistibly mild yet sweet and spicy flavor and are commonly roasted or deep-fried to release their unique aromatic oils and add depth of flavor. Used in cakes, desserts, noodles, and more dishes.

Additionally, they have numerous health advantages. The juice of an opium poppy plant contains alkaloids – powerful narcotics used therapeutically to alleviate pain, suppress coughs, relieve diarrhea, and induce anesthesia. Alkaloids can be taken orally or sniffed into the bloodstream to induce feelings of euphoria and numbness or used illegally to produce heroin, codeine, oxycodone, or other synthetic opioids, which are highly addictive substances.


Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) seed pods are stunningly beautiful in their natural colors and can be used to craft elegant flower arrangements and grave wreaths. Owing to its connection to sleep, dreams, and death, the opium poppy has often been used as a symbol of mourning.

Dioskourides contends that when poppy leaves and capsules are boiled and consumed in small doses like vetch, they induce sleep while helping relieve coughs and stomach ailments. However, when pressed into a pulp, they yield meconium juice which, although less potency than opium, still can produce stupor-inducing effects.

Papaver Somniferum cannot legally be traded or grown for use in producing opiates (opium), even in its most natural state, and possessing any poppy material constitutes a federal felony offense. However, poppy tea purchases and preparation are legal under federal law. They can help relieve symptoms associated with opioid use disorder and help prevent overdose and deaths from overdose.


As festive decorations, poppy seed pods add a unique charm to any Christmas display. Their delicate beauty works beautifully alongside dried flowers, grasses, mosses, ornamental squashes, and elegant dry bouquets or grave decorations.

Leave the seeds to ripen naturally in your garden, and they will self-seed, which is excellent for future poppies without you needing to sow any. But if you want to harvest your own, wait until they become hard and brown; gently shaken pods should rattle with seeds rattling inside once this occurs.

Once harvested, store your poppy seed angels in a dry indoor environment, away from direct sunlight and excess moisture. Long stems make these perfect for flower arrangements or creating poppy seed angels!


Autumn marks the changing seasons, and dried poppy heads have long been used to symbolize this transition. Displayed at homes, restaurants, and hotels, they mark summer’s end, and the start of cooler temperatures; wreaths decorated with these flowers often commemorate fallen soldiers as a way of honoring them.

Growing poppy seeds is relatively straightforward and germinates well in relaxed soil environments. A practical method for sowing them involves shaking a handful of grain into your palm, adding sand to spread the tiny seeds evenly, before scattering them randomly over your soil and covering them lightly with another thin layer.

Once poppy plants have established, frequent hoeing and thinning will help ensure they don’t become overcrowded quickly. Mulching regularly also acts as an effective barrier against weeds while encouraging more blooms.

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