Find the 4th Object Crutch


Puzzles can be an engaging and stimulating way to pass the time, helping to strengthen cognitive functions such as memory. Plus, solving them gives a great sense of satisfaction!

TikTok users have taken to challenging one another with an image and searching for four objects within it – but may be fooled into finding what may not be what they expect! A new challenge sweeping across social media calls upon players to find that fourth object. While this game may become popular on social media platforms like TikTok, this could not be more different from your expectations!


As the global lockdown forces people inside and playing on their phones, puzzles and riddles have taken center stage as people pass the time with games on their phones. Some puzzles are straightforward, while others require logic and keen eyes. One such TikTok puzzle has intrigued people; users must locate a hidden fourth object within an image, but no one has managed it yet!

This picture, widely shared across social media platforms, depicts three people using the bathroom. Three objects can be identified easily: an egg sits atop one man’s nose; a glove and envelope hang off her skirt, respectively; while the envelope is perpendicular to wall tiles in the bathroom. But where’s the crutch? Some viewers have suggested it might be on one or both men’s shoes or the orange shirt of a standing woman, while others speculate it could even be near or in the corner of the room!

Unknown to its creator or reason, this image has quickly gone viral and engaged many internet users. Many have even tried using their phone cameras to zoom in and search for the crutch hidden within. Unfortunately, they were disappointed to learn it is actually visible within the picture!

While this photo has recently come into the public eye, its first appearance online dates back to 2020 when shared by Twitter user Willis Raburu, who challenged viewers to locate four objects within it – egg on man’s nose, glove on woman’s skirt standing nearby and blue envelope on bathroom tile wall were easy enough. The crutch was harder to spot due to being covered up with the beige colors of photos; many TikTok creators also shared it to promote an existing sound or gain new followers for their accounts.


Crutches are medical devices used to support body weight and maintain balance and mobility for users with limited arm or leg movement due to injuries or illnesses, providing balance support while aiding balance and mobility. Used primarily in rehabilitation clinics for injuries or illnesses that limit movement in arms or legs. While using one can initially be uncomfortable and requires training for optimal comfort and safety, proper sizing may make the experience much less so.

A quality crutch should be solid and sturdy, featuring a comfortable padded cuff that covers the elbow to provide support and is easily adjustable to suit the user’s height. In addition, it should offer comfortable gripping with an ergonomic handlebar for easy grasping; finally, lightweight crutches will reduce fatigue when walking.

TikTok users have been puzzled by the challenge of finding the 4th object crutch, which involves searching an image for a hidden crutch. Some have spent hours scanning every inch of an idea but eventually given up after discovering no wooden or metal crutches exist! Others have raised doubts about its integrity or suggested it’s being done for popularity on TikTok.

Although crutches have many benefits, you must speak to a healthcare provider before using them. They will be able to offer guidance and provide adjustments for maximum comfort. They will also recommend the best type of crutch suited for your needs.

While using a crutch, it’s also crucial that the wearer chooses comfortable shoes. Shoes that cause unnecessary pressure on feet and ankles could lead to pain and injury; thus, one must select shoes that provide ample cushioning and arch support.

TikTok and other social media platforms have seen the Find the Fourth Object Crutch Challenge take hold since 2019. According to Know Your Meme, mobile game ads inspired its creation, which encouraged viewers to keep viewing by making the fourth object hard to locate.


Crutches can provide essential stability and support when walking, especially if an arm is weak or injured, reducing the risk of falls and offering greater mobility. But knowing how to use one correctly and safely is crucial. There are various types of crutches, with forearm crutches being one of the more popular choices as they shift weight distribution onto forearms rather than hands for maximum comfort and convenience.

TikTok users have recently been put through an unexpected test with an exciting challenge that challenges their wits and logic. It involves searching a picture for eggs, gloves, and envelopes hidden therein; but finding all three items may prove more difficult than anticipated! Many have attempted but failed to locate all four.

This viral photo features three people in a restroom; one is using a urinal. Items can be seen on their noses, gloves on the backside of standing women’s skirts, and envelopes in wall tile. Unfortunately, the crutch has yet to be located! Despite attempts from viewers searching for it.

There are various theories as to why it is impossible to locate the fourth object. Some believe it may be hidden within the urinal, while others suspect it is obscured by shadow or other obstruction. Furthermore, since no crutch appears, it may have either been hidden deliberately or was never part of the picture in the first place.

Re-sharing an image and encouraging viewers to listen or follow accounts are likely to use it to gain popularity and followers on TikTok. They may make videos showing you four objects; until then, be careful playing this game, as misuse could cause wrist injury.


Social media users have taken up an intriguing new challenge that’s won them millions’ attention: finding hidden fourth objects within images. TikTok users, in particular, have quickly taken to this trend as an entertaining mental skill test!

This viral meme depicts a restroom with three people, one sitting on the toilet. The picture then lists four objects – including a comb, straw, knife, and french fries – making them easy to spot, while french fries remain hard to detect due to being very small and obscured by other objects within the picture.

Using a 4th object crutch can benefit individuals experiencing balance or mobility difficulties, helping them move more efficiently while increasing independence and relieving pain from certain joints. However, when using such an aid, users must follow specific guidelines – most notably, wearing comfortable footwear while walking- to reduce pressure on feet and legs and prevent overworked muscle groups from overworking themselves.

When using the crutch in an open space, no obstacles or hazards could trip you up; wear a padded cuff on one arm of the crutch as this will protect your hands from cold and provide added comfort while walking. Choose a crutch that suits you and can be adjusted according to height needs.

Last but certainly not least, practicing your balance and posture when using a crutch is vital. Avoid placing too much weight on the crutch, as this could cause your balance to shift, leading to injury. Be wary of any uneven surfaces you encounter when using your crutch.