Fishing Magazines


No matter your fishing level – professional or leisure – these magazines will help improve your technique while keeping you entertained with stunning photography and informative articles.

Bassin’ Magazine features some of the finest bass fishing spots across Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest, as well as tournaments and equipment reviews.


If you’re an enthusiastic freshwater fisher, this magazine is an essential subscription. From expert tips to new techniques and trends in fishing, this publication covers everything you’d want. With advice for catching bass, trout, and other freshwater species. Plus, its editors keep abreast of new fishing trends.

If you love fishing for billfish, this magazine is for you. Each issue features articles about where and how best to catch these massive sea creatures and advice for equipment and fishing tactics. Furthermore, each piece in the magazine also guides experienced fishermen with decades of experience who share tips from their expertise on fishing for billfish. Authors of this magazine are specialists in their fields; making their work essential reading for anyone interested in the topic.

Every issue of Bassmaster features cutting-edge lures and techniques from professionals that will help you catch more and more giant bass than ever. Plus, detailed photos throughout show some of the biggest trophies ever caught by anglers around the globe! It serves as the official publication for BASS, with over half a million worldwide members!

Fly Fisherman magazine is an invaluable source for fly fishers looking to stay informed of the latest techniques and flies, plus articles covering top trout, salmon, and steelhead destinations. Additionally, this magazine boasts several sections explicitly dedicated to different kinds of fishing, such as saltwater angling.

Doug Stange was honored with induction into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2008. Additionally, he serves as a host for “In-Fisherman TV.” The magazine offers practical instruction on catching more fish while protecting the environment, with an informal tone that keeps readers engaged throughout their reading experience.

This magazine caters specifically to Florida fishers and keeps them up-to-date on everything happening in Florida’s waters, from tips on packing for an outing to information on uncharted locations where anglers can fish, as well as articles covering news and developments regarding international bill fishing.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream magazine has been publishing since 1895 and offers tips, techniques, and recipes from hunting and fishing enthusiasts worldwide. Here, you will find everything from information on what tackle bag to use to how best bait the sport of angling works – as well as expert-written articles to help enhance your hobby experience! This publication also offers excellent photos and advertisements that will enhance the experience!

T. Edward Nickens has been writing for F&S magazine for over 35 years and has contributed features, columns, books, and anthologies, in addition to receiving numerous awards in his field. Will Brantley has served as Hunting Editor since 2015 and writes a regular column, gear reviews, and tips as part of his role.

Field and Stream, established in 1895, remains one of America’s oldest outdoor publications and an invaluable resource for hunters and fishermen of all stripes. Available on subscription, this magazine boasts an impressive online readership as it provides seasonal advice about bass fishing for ducks in particular, plus tips and tricks, survival strategies, miscellaneous facts, etc. It’s published by Dick’s Sporting Goods, part of Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings.

These vintage back issues of Field and Stream Magazine are in excellent condition and come complete with their original magazine stand, making them essential additions for collectors or any home or cabin decor. Each magazine boasts a cover illustration by one of the premier outdoor artists or photographers and would look lovely when framed. Inside are articles about hunting, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits and advertisements from that era. Are you shopping for the hunter or angler in your life? These vintage magazines can make an excellent present; no other source online offers these issues at their original publisher-approved price; selling at any additional price may violate their license agreement and this critical agreement with publishers.

Big Game Fishing Journal

Fishing can be an enjoyable hobby for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and experiencing nature, and an excellent way to bond with family and friends. A fishing magazine can provide invaluable knowledge about this activity – including new techniques and locations and helpful gear options tailored specifically to you – making them valuable resources for beginner and expert anglers alike.

This fishing magazine is published six times yearly and can be purchased in the United States. The publication is an invaluable resource for bass anglers of all ages and experience levels, featuring articles written by top bass pros and tips from experienced anglers. In addition, there is equipment reviews and tournament results included as features in each issue of Bass Fishing magazine.

Big Game Fishing Journal is an essential read for every saltwater angler. This magazine provides valuable articles covering everything from rod and reel fishing techniques and strategies to tips for harpoon fishers. In addition, they cover boat maintenance issues and selecting an ideal boat.

Another great feature of this magazine is its coverage of new fisheries and innovations in bait and tackle, tournament results, and upcoming events. Any fisherman interested in staying up-to-date with current trends in fishing will find this publication indispensable.

This magazine is an indispensable guide to bass fishing, offering articles and pictures to help you catch more bass. Plus, its pages feature tips from top bass pros and updates about new lures and techniques that may increase your catch rate.

This magazine is an essential read for any bass fishing enthusiast, offering helpful articles, photos, and updates on the latest advances in bass fishing. Also perfect for outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts – with tips and information on catching excellent bass and ways to prepare it for dinner!