Fwd Cancer Insurance Review Review


Getting cancer insurance is a must if you have a family history of the disease or want to protect yourself against it. Early detection and treatment can significantly improve survival rates.

FWD Cancer Insurance is a standalone critical illness plan that provides coverage up to $200,000 sum assured. It pays out a full 100 percent of the sum assured upon confirmed diagnosis of cancer at any stage of the illness.


Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world, but early detection and treatment have been shown to increase survival rates. Insurance to help cover the cost of cancer treatment can be a lifesaver for some people.

Fortunately, there are a few affordable cancer insurance plans that can provide you with the coverage you need without breaking the bank. These plans are typically offered as standalone policies or can be bundled with other critical illness protection.

Unlike standard critical illness plans, these cancer insurance options offer 100% sum assured payouts upon a confirmed diagnosis of cancer at any stage. This is a significant feature as it is not usually covered by most critical illness plans.


Fwd Cancer Insurance Review aims to be a simple, easy-to-use critical illness plan accessible to all. Its coverage includes early-stage cancer, heart attack, stroke, and late-stage critical illnesses with multiple payout options.

One of the key benefits offered by Fwd Cancer Insurance is that it pays out 100% of your sum assured upon diagnosis of cancer, regardless of stage. This feature is often not offered by other critical illness plans and can provide a significant boost to your peace of mind.

Another benefit offered by Fwd Cancer Insurance is that you can get a free medical second opinion to assist in your treatment evaluation. This is especially useful for patients considering alternative treatments for their condition, as it will help them determine the most effective course of action.

Fwd Cancer Insurance is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable critical illness insurance plan that offers high coverage. Having this protection can help alleviate any financial burden on your family.

Claim process

Cancer is one of the most common critical illnesses in Singapore, with 35 people diagnosed each day. As such, it is essential to have a critical illness plan that pays you a total payout as soon as possible so that you can get the necessary treatment and focus on recovering.

FWD’s Cancer Insurance is a standalone critical illness plan that offers this level of coverage at an affordable price. It also allows you to purchase and file a claim online, a feature beneficial for those who may not be able to go to a branch due to time or accessibility issues.

The claim process is stress-free and convenient. All you have to do is provide evidence from a certified medical examiner or doctor that you have cancer, and FWD will pay out the claim accordingly.

Customer service

Fwd Cancer Insurance Review is a digital insurer that has taken the customer experience to a new level. They have a dedicated hotline and an online customer portal. Using the latter, you can view your policy and check your account balances at a glance, and you can even submit your claims by mail. The company also has a helpful team of advisors who will assist you should your claim need to be reviewed or approved.

The best thing about their customer service is that they are more than willing to help you with your insurance needs and wants. They will even be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote. In fact, they may be able to offer you a lower price than you would expect, given your current state of health. For more details, contact their friendly customer service staff today! They also have a very impressive online calculator that will tell you the cost of your policy in seconds.