Genially Tutorial


Genially is a great tool for creating interactive content for your presentations. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to add tons of interactive elements to your slides and create fun quizzes. The free version of the tool is also available for anyone to try out. The free version gives you a good idea of how the software works and what features it can provide.

Genially is a tool for creating interactive content

Genially is an interactive content tool that allows you to create interactive presentations and infographics. It is a great way to engage your audience and bring your content to life. Whether you are trying to attract more customers or increase your sales, you can create engaging content with Genially.

The platform features over 1100 templates for different types of content. You can also start from scratch and add your content. It is free to use and has a large user base made up of educators, instructional designers, and business professionals. In addition to creating infographics, you can also create tutorials. You can even add photos or other external elements to your content.

Genially allows you to create interactive content with ease, even if you don’t know to program. This tool is designed to reward creativity and encourage active engagement. Its interactive capabilities make it a great choice for training, business presentations, and educational projects.

It is easy to use

The Genially tutorial is easy to follow, and the interface is intuitive. Genially allows you to add interactive content to images and maps. You can embed a 360-degree picture or any other content with embed code. The software also offers many different ways to share your content, including Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also download your finished product if you purchase a premium account.

Whether you want to design a slideshow, create an interactive presentation, or create an infographic, Genially is an excellent choice. Its innovative tools enable you to design interactive content that engages your audience. For instance, you can use a quiz template to create a quick warm-up activity or close your presentation. Another handy feature is the ability to turn slides into videos, and have students collaborate on infographics. Genially also allows you to break up your presentations into smaller pieces, and share them with your students as a way to reinforce learning.

It lets you add lots of interactive elements to your slides

If you’re wondering how to add more interactive elements to your slides, Genially can help you. This software allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations and add tons of interactive elements. It’s free to use, but you can upgrade to the premium level to access tons of templates and add unlimited content. Whether you’re an experienced presenter or just trying out the program for the first time, there are a few things you should know before attempting to use it.

Genially is a great tool for teachers who want to encourage and develop the design skills of their students. Its extensive set of tools will help you teach important design principles, such as audience consideration and fair task allocation. You can also use Genially to teach collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation. Its comprehensive feature set allows you to build detailed, interactive creations with unique features and options not found in other tools.

It lets you create fun quizzes

Genially is an excellent tool for educators looking to create fun quizzes that engage students. You can use the tool to create quizzes, escape rooms, and games to review content or challenge students to create their quizzes. Just remember to make sure the games match the content and context of your classroom. Also, consider what you are trying to accomplish and how to measure student results.

Using Genially is free for educators. The site has many free educational accounts that you can use to help your students create engaging interactive content. The software allows you to include a variety of different elements of the curriculum, including screenshots, videos, and even infographics. You can also include information about curriculum elements in your quizzes using built-in interactive options. Genially is an excellent tool for creating interactive content that engages your students and motivates them.

It’s a great way to share content with students

Genial tutorials make it easy to create interactive presentations with little to no coding experience. With a variety of sharing options, students can embed videos and images into their presentations. These can then be shared via URL, email, or social media. Genially is an excellent tool for instructors who want to engage their students visually.

Genially is designed for use in educational settings, and a free tutorial mode allows educators to try it out for free. The platform has several built-in templates and includes interactive quizzes and interactive presentations that can help students learn more about a topic. Depending on the course content, students can even use Genially to create original content and media.