How to Pass the Learning Licence Test in Gujarat


Learning licenses are indispensable documents for those wanting to drive vehicles, providing them with the opportunity to practice driving with qualified instructors before receiving a permanent driving license.

Applying for a learner’s license varies by state; most RTO websites provide online applications where applicants must submit required documents, pay fees, and pass the test to obtain one.

Age Requirement

An individual who would like to drive in Gujarat must first obtain a learning license, which can be done either online or offline, depending on individual preference. Once this license has been secured, an individual must go through training under supervision from either an existing driver with permanent driving privileges or from an ambitious school approved by the state government.

As part of the process, applicants must fill out and submit Form 2 to their RTO with supporting documentation and the requested application fee. They also need to appear for and pass an LL test in order to receive their driver’s license (DL).

The LL test will assess an applicant’s knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, signage, and safety measures. It will take place before a Motor Vehicles Inspector. Applicants who pass SSC will take an oral test, while others will receive written ones. Anyone failing the exam has 24 hours to reappear.

To pass the LL test, it is vital to read through and practice regularly according to your syllabus. Furthermore, friends or family members can help prepare you for the test at specified locations and times by the RTO; taking it when scheduled ensures no delays.

Once you’ve passed the LL test, the next step should be applying for an MC with a driving license allowing you to operate vehicles up to 250cc engine capacity. You will need proof of identity, address, and age in order to complete this process.

In case of lost or stolen license plates (LL), it is imperative that an FIR be filed with the police and submitted to your RTO. Next, fill out and submit an application for duplicate plates along with the required documentation and fees; your RTO will issue you one after all steps have been completed successfully.

Training Requirements

Before applying for a learning license in Gujarat, applicants must undergo training under the supervision of a permanent driver at government-approved motor driving schools or private coaching institutes. Candidates will learn about vehicle mechanisms as well as road signs or symbols; you must display an “L” (learner) symbol on your training vehicle as proof and cannot carry passengers on its pillion seat during instruction.

Apply for your learning license in Gujarat either online or at an RTO office. By filing all necessary documents electronically and saving time and effort by uploading them in bulk, once verified, you can make a fee payment, select an examination date, and take your test. Upon passing it, you will be issued a learning license by the RTO office.

Based on the vehicle you wish to operate, there are various tests in each category of driving test available to you. Heavy vehicles such as trucks and vans require different tests than light motor vehicles (LMVs like jeeps and auto-rickshaws) such as Jeeps. You can obtain your learning license either without or with gears, depending on personal preference; similarly, motorcycles also have various forms of licensing available to them.

Before receiving a learning license, proof of identity and address are necessary. Typically, this means providing a valid passport or Aadhar card as well as utility bills; however, some RTOs accept other forms of IDs as well.

Gujarat RTO also provides a service for obtaining a duplicate learning license if you lose the original one. In such an instance, filing an FIR and proceeding with the application process are steps necessary to acquire another copy; nominal fees will need to be paid before your duplicate learner’s license arrives at its registered address in Gujarat. A mobile app for Android and iOS devices allows users to track their license status or practice for DL exams using this app.

Documents Required

Obtaining your driver’s license as a first-time driver in Gujarat should not be complicated; all that’s required are valid age proof, address proof, and passport-sized photographs, as well as an application form and fee payment. Once these are in hand, visit your RTO and take the driving test; once complete, take another RTO driving test before applying for the permanent license.

Applicants can access their learning license status online and offline by visiting the state transport department website and providing their receipt number, license number, name, and date of application to an RTO who will then display its status. Furthermore, learners may make modifications by applying an RTO – however, this requires them to present documents required to make corrections or changes.

In case your learner’s license has been lost or stolen, filing an FIR with the police and applying for a replacement license are critical steps in getting one issued from its original RTO; once again, you will need copies of any documents specified. A fee must also be paid before receiving a duplicate copy from that same RTO.

Learner drivers must only operate vehicles of the same category as their license, under supervision from someone holding a permanent driving license, while also displaying a red “L” symbol on their vehicles.

The Commissioner of Transport of Gujarat is responsible for ensuring an efficient public transport system within its boundaries and issues four intelligent SCOSTA KB card driving licenses and computerized learner’s licenses to applicants. A test consisting of 15 questions on traffic rules, regulations, and signs must be passed with at least 11 correct answers in order to qualify; otherwise, applicants have 24 hours after failing the initial attempt to take another go at passing it again retake it after failure learner licenses last six months.


Driving licenses are essential documents for anyone wishing to operate motor vehicles on public roads – be it travel, delivery of goods, passenger transportation, or professional driving services. In Gujarat, to obtain your driving license, you must pass a learning license test administered by the road transport authority, which checks that you possess sufficient skills and knowledge needed for safe driving on public roads.

The LL test is a written examination designed to test an applicant’s knowledge of traffic rules, regulations, signs, and safety measures. It takes place before an inspector; SSC applicants receive a written examination while others take an oral one; both last about 30 minutes each and can be repeated on another date. Applicants who fail may retake it on another day.

Learning license exams in Gujarat may be applied for either online or offline. To apply online, visit the RTO’s official website and carefully follow their instructions when filling out their form, attaching necessary documents, and making their fee payment. Once your application has been approved, you can book your LL test at one of their nearby RTOs.

Once you have passed the LL test, it is time to start driving! Take lessons with an experienced instructor to hone your skills, or take a trial drive from them before beginning to go for real. Before doing so, check that your driver’s license is still valid before going anywhere.

Gujarat’s RTO is responsible for registering vehicles and verifying ownership. Additionally, fitness certificates are issued to confirm that cars meet safety standards before operating on public roads, including inspecting engine components, chassis parts, brakes, and other essential parts. Furthermore, this office ensures all new and used vehicles sold are roadworthy before making sale decisions.

On the official Gujarat RTO website, you can quickly locate test dates and locations. In addition, download an application form and pay online fees.