How To Train Ticket Booking Online In Mobile


If you’ve been wondering how to make train tickets on your mobile device, read this article to discover how. Here, you will discover how to book train tickets with ConfirmTkt, Paytm, Google Pay, or IRCTC. And when you’ve done this, you’ll be able to find your ticket in your transaction history. But first, let’s take a closer look at the basics of using these applications.


If you’re looking for a simple way to buy train tickets, the Confirmtkt App is for you. The app lets you browse fares and book tickets in multiple languages. In addition, it lets you create an IRCTC account, reset your password, and find bus and train schedules. You can even share the app with others through Bluetooth. Using the app is as simple as tapping the icon on your phone.

The app is easy to download, offers real-time train tracking, and even predicts wait-listing status with 90 per cent accuracy. With its wait-list prediction, you can book tickets even when unavailable, and it even helps you find alternatives to travel if you miss your train. The app has plenty of features, including the ability to cancel or change a train ticket, so it’s not just for the rich-media types.

Once selected, you can scan the train information to view your ticket’s status. This will show you the class you booked, a schedule, and a PNR number. Once you’ve entered the required information, you can proceed to pay using your credit card or mobile wallet. You can also use your net banking account if you want to pay using your bank account. If you make a mistake while booking your ticket, you can also view your history and find your tickets.

If you’re a regular passenger and want to get the most out of your train travel, you can opt for a Tatkal booking. When you book your Tatkal ticket online, you’ll need to log into your IRCTC account twice. You’ll then need to make two payments. Then, you’ll wait for your confirmation. If your plans change, you can cancel the booking right away. It’s that easy!

There are some important features that an IRCTC train ticket booking app should have. Besides an intuitive UI, it should also be in low-data-consumption and battery-saver mode. Many people use train tracking apps but don’t realize that they may be unable to close them when travelling. Confirmit does both. It uses fewer data and offers essential information offline. This is one reason why it retains 28% of users after three months.


With the launch of QR-code-based train ticketing, Paytm is bringing train travel to the fingertips of mobile users. It has entered a strategic partnership with Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, one of the country’s first toy train operators. The system allows travellers to skip the queue and proceed directly to their destination. Here are some of the benefits of using the Paytm platform:

First, open the Paytm application and search for a train you want to travel. The “Train Tickets” option will be displayed with a train logo. From here, you will need to enter your city of origin and destination. To make it easier, type the name of the city three times. After you’ve entered these two pieces of information, tap “Continue.”

Secondly, Paytm is expanding its payment options. In addition to accepting credit and prepaid cards, you can now use Paytm for IRCTC train ticket booking. Paytm Postpaid enables postpaid customers to book tickets and pay later. If you’re unsure of your financial capacity at the time of purchase, you can choose the Pay Now Pay Later option. This option is particularly helpful if you don’t have the money to make the payment immediately.

When it comes to payment options, Paytm offers zero service charges for IRCTC train ticket bookings. You can pay with a debit or credit card, and Paytm will redirect you to the IRCTC website to complete the transaction. After entering your payment method, you’ll be directed to the IRCTC site. Next, you’ll be asked to enter a password. Paytm’s payment gateway automatically sends an email or SMS notification once you’ve successfully purchased your ticket.

Google Pay

Booking a train ticket in Google Pay on your mobile device is a great convenience. You can access the IRCTC website from your smartphone with a few taps. If you’re looking for a particular train, you can use the search bar or New section to find a specific train. After you’ve found the train you want, you can purchase the ticket within the app and save it for future use.

After completing the process, you’ll receive your train ticket confirmation. This confirmation will show you the ticket’s PNR number, the journey’s schedule, and the option to share the confirmation with others. Using Google Pay for train ticket booking online on mobile is already available for users in Portland, Las Vegas, and West Midlands. Now, you can enjoy the same convenience with even more options for purchasing tickets.

After downloading the Google Pay app, navigate to the Trains section and tap on the option to book a train ticket. You’ll be taken to the main IRCTC train ticket booking page. Please enter the city and date of travel, and the app will show you the available trains and their prices. This is as simple as it gets. Then, you must select the train and tap on the “Select” button.

IRCTC has been a reliable platform for booking train tickets for decades. Last year, they upgraded their website to support higher traffic volume. The IRCTC website is now compatible with Google Pay, and Paytm is also a popular mobile payment app. Getting the IRCTC app for mobile is a breeze! You can also use it to pay for other things – like a nearby cafe!


If you’re looking for an easy way to book your train tickets, IRCTC has released an app that will make your job much easier. The app will help you book your train ticket online from any location, and you won’t have to spend time waiting in lines to make a booking. You can even use your mobile to buy a travel package. To book tickets, enter your IRCTC login details, and the website will take care of the rest.

You can use IRCTC’s app to add up to six adults and two children to a single booking. To get started, sign in using your existing credentials or create a new one. Once logged in, click “Plan My Bookings” or “Search Trains.” This will bring up a list of all available trains and passenger information. Next, click on the desired train and fill in the details to make your reservation. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can pay via debit or credit card.

When making a booking through IRCTC’s app, you can choose to travel by train, bus, or plane. First, you’ll be prompted to enter your IRCTC user id and select your boarding point. After entering your details, you’ll be prompted to enter your contact information and traveller’s name. Once you’ve entered the required information, you’ll be presented with a price summary and the option to confirm or cancel your booking. If you’re looking for a discounted rate, IRCTC’s online app also offers that.

There are some things to remember before purchasing your train ticket. First, make sure you have the proper Internet connection. This will help you access the IRCTC website while travelling abroad. Remember that TDR is a term for “Time Difference Report.”

Once you’ve entered your information, you can pay for your tickets through your credit card or mobile wallet. You can use Paytm, UPI, or your net banking account if you want to pay with a mobile wallet. Once you’ve successfully paid, your ticket will be sent to you through SMS or email. If you need more time to make your purchase, you can save your ticket or share it with other travellers.