How to Win a Fishing Contest in World of Warcraft


Organizers of fishing contests must use special conditions to minimize impacts on natural resources. Here is more information about them.

Start this quest by approaching Austri or Vestri on either side of White Wolf Mountain (west of Taverly or north of Catherby). Ask them to become your allies before heading to Hemenster, where Morris will host his contest by showing your pass to him and paying five gp as entry fees.

1. Talk to Vestri or Austria

At the start of your quest, speak to Austri and Vestri dwarves who stand guard at either entrance to White Wolf Mountain caves – Austri can be found northwest of Taverley, and Vestri can be located north of Catherby). They won’t divulge information when asking what lies beyond their tunnels; instead, they ask if you could become their friend. After some debate, they agree to allow you in.

Before heading off to Hemenster, purchase a fishing rod at Harry’s Fishing Shop in Catherby and some garlic from a house south-west of Seers’ Village – it will respawn after each use, so it may be wise to pick up two or three before setting out on your journey to Hemenster.

Once this task is complete, head back to Hemenster and pay five coins to Bonzo to register yourself for the competition. When this has been accomplished, fish until you catch a Raw giant carp (the timer will stop once all fish have been caught). When all competition is completed, return your trophy to Bonzo; when it is returned to you again, speak with Austria or Vestri and give them garlic.

After giving them garlic, you should see a sinister stranger near a set of stairs; ask him to change your spot, but he declines due to vampire disapproval; lure him away by placing a clove of garlic into one of the wall pipes near him – as soon as he complains about its aroma, he will switch your spot!

2. Go to Hemenster

White Wolf Mountain’s dwarves don’t allow strangers to use their tunnels, but they may grant permission if you win the Hemenster Fishing Contest. Talk to one of them near their shack and show interest in participating. Once done, they’ll ask you for proof from one of the competitions as proof for entering and will permit you.

Head to Hemenster, located north of Seers’ Village near the Ranging Guild. When there, show your pass to Morris and enter the house in the north part of town. Visit Grandpa Jack just southwest of The Hemenster entrance; he’ll give helpful hints for fishing competition. He suggests using red vine worms purchased at McGrubor’s Wood as fishing bait.

Once ready, place the garlic in the pipe located to the north and pay Bonzo five coins. As soon as it smells of garlic, Sinister Stranger will leave and allow you to fish without him interfering – once complete, return to Bonzo to be declared the winner and collect your prize!

Once you are the winner, return to the dwarf by his shack and give him your trophy – this will complete the quest and award 2437 Fishing XP and access to an underground tunnel shortcut between Taverly and Catherby. Although this quest may appear easy enough initially, its competition requires enough Fishing XP to need more than two attempts before trying! Good luck, and have fun fishing!

3. Go to Grandpa Jack

Once your quest is completed, return to White Wolf Mountain (or tunnel entrance). Speak to them about the fishing contest again, and they’ll tell you where to get ingredients for Seers’ Village: Garlic can be found southwest of the bank home in Seers’ Village, while McGrubor’s Wood offers red vine worms (3 for Fairy Tale Part I completion); after this purchase a fishing rod from Grandpa Jack before fishing around pipes near pipes to catch an unusual giant carp that won’t usually appear there!

4. Put the garlic in the pipes

A fishing pass and garlic are necessary to enter this contest – both can be found at Seers’ Village houses with quest and cooking range symbols. Once inside McGrubor’s Woods (if desired, skip using a spade), pick up your piece of garlic on the table in the house southwest of the bank for easy retrieval!

Talk to the man inside that house and give him five GBP to kickstart your competition. Once done, go directly to the area near the pipes and try fishing. A sinister stranger dressed as a vampire may tell you this space is taken, but placing garlic near him can change his mind!

Fish the pipes by using red vine worms to fish at the spot by them, hoping to catch a giant carp, an uncommon species not usually available for capture. Once you’ve seen one, please return it to the dwarf as a prize-winning catch!

5. Fish in the spot

As part of the contest, only catch fish. Catching anything else, such as trash or Water Eggs on Bunny Day, won’t count towards your score; additionally, capturing more than the dwarf has given will not earn you a reward.

As you fish with friends during a contest, your odds of capturing prizes increase dramatically, and additional swag can be gained by inviting other players into your town and telling them to fish alongside you in the contest. Not only can this boost your chance at catching one, but you can also gain Strength and Agility XP with every catch!

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