Metlife Home Insurance Reviews


MetLife Home Insurance is a popular home insurance provider. They have the excellent financial strength and low monthly premiums. However, their service isn’t the best, and some customers have trouble contacting a customer support representative through MyDirect. They also receive low marks for service on Android and Apple devices.

Good financial strength

There are many benefits of choosing MetLife home insurance. First, it has a solid financial strength rating. AM Best has awarded MetLife an “A+” rating, which means it is financially sound and will meet its financial obligations. Second, MetLife is a socially responsible company. It has contributed nearly $1 billion to strengthening communities. The company has also won numerous sustainability awards and prioritizes diversity and inclusion.

MetLife home insurance is an insurance carrier based in New York. It was founded in 1868 and offers home insurance in 50 states and Washington, DC. It is essential to read the financial strength rating of any company to ensure that it is financially strong. However, it is essential to note that the financial strength rating can change anytime. For that reason, comparing different insurers’ financial strength ratings is a good idea before choosing one.

Low monthly price

Metlife Home Insurance is a great option to protect your home from loss or damage. It offers a comprehensive suite of protections and can be purchased for a low monthly price. The company has been in the business for 150 years and has built a solid financial reputation with top insurance rating agencies.

Metlife is the oldest home insurance provider in the United States, serving customers since 1863. Its name and many of its products are familiar to Americans, as the company is represented in most workplaces and associations throughout the country. Home insurance is one of several insurance products offered by Metlife, and it can be purchased separately or as a package deal.

Robust coverage

If you are looking for home insurance with robust coverage, you’ve come to the right place. MetLife offers three different policies that cover a wide range of needs. Each policy is customized based on the size of your home, the risks of weather and theft, and the value of your personal belongings. You can also add identity protection and recovery services for even more peace of mind.

Robust coverage with Metlife home insurance comes at a very reasonable price. In addition, the company offers a long list of important endorsements for homeowners. Although the Better Business Bureau does not accredit the company, it does hold an A rating. It is also a solid choice for homeowners who want comprehensive coverage to protect their most valuable financial assets.


MetLife offers a few different home insurance discounts. Depending on your location, you may qualify for specific discounts to your state. For example, you might get a higher discount if you’re a member of AARP or a senior citizen. Also, if you own a home with certain safety features, like a burglar alarm, you may be able to get a discount.

Another way to get home insurance discounts is to improve your home. These improvements will help your home last longer and minimize the number of claims you’ll have to pay.

Online presence

While MetLife’s reliability as a home insurance provider is unquestionable, the company’s online presence and tools can be lacking. Despite this, the company’s solid client base and coverage options remain among its most vital. In addition, this company offers comprehensive home insurance coverage with total replacement costs for personal property and structures.

Customers rate MetLife positively. The company’s customer service ranks well but falls short of J.D. Power’s studies, and its customer complaints are not excessive. While this isn’t a major red flag, it does indicate that MetLife needs work in some areas. Despite this, the company is still a big name.