N&D Quinoa Digestion Dog Food Review


N&D dog food was designed with carnivorous dogs in mind. Its high animal-source protein content is balanced with ancient grains like organic whole spelt and whole oats as well as fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to provide balanced nutrition for canines.

This recipe includes ingredients with a low glycemic index to prevent blood sugar spikes after meals are fed to your pet, while natural antioxidants and prebiotics promote digestive health.

Natural & Delicious

This grain-free dog food recipe includes real cage-free chicken and pomegranate for an irresistibly delicious flavor and chelated minerals to aid in absorption and taurine, a vital heart nutrient. Designed for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Farmina N&D Ocean recipes meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for maintenance (adult) and growth (puppy), featuring quality named meat sources as the first ingredient in this line’s wet and dry food.

N&D Pet Food’s high-protein kibble features low-glycemic ingredients to promote overall pet wellness. Codfish provides extra protein and omega-3s to build more muscular cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune systems in your pet.


N&D Quinoa Digestion Dog Food is specifically formulated to support digestion in dogs. Packed with proteins and low in fats, prebiotics and fennel provide added digestive support and help eliminate gas build-up – ideal for overweight pet parents!

N & D uses only natural ingredients in its pet foods and offers products with no GMOs, glutens, or fillers – using ancestral grains like spelled and oats as they do so as an excellent way to reduce corn consumption in their diet. They make an ideal option for anyone attempting to keep their pet on an allergy-friendly diet!

N&D Natural and Delicious Ancestral Grain Wild Cod Recipe Dry Dog Food is made without corn, GMOs, or grain fillers – instead using ancestral grains such as spelled and oats- while freeing from carrageenan or artificial preservatives. Incorporating yeast extract, which aids digestion, brain function, and eye health and relieves diarrhea/constipation, it also contains lamb for essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, which promotes lean muscle mass development!

Ancestral Grains

Farmina’s N&D subrange features this recipe with 90% animal-source protein designed to meet maintenance nutritional levels. This dish boasts low glycemic index levels while remaining free of corn, wheat, legumes, potatoes, soy, hormones, antibiotics, GMO chemical preservatives, or added colorants.

This food includes quality meat sources and dehydrated herring, pumpkin, and brewer yeast for additional amino acids and vitamins. In addition, chelated minerals are added for easier absorption by the body.

Ancestral grain kibble comprises organic spelled and oats instead of traditional grains like corn. These ancient grains are more accessible for your dog’s digestive system to process and may assist with improving nutrient absorption – particularly beneficial in cases of food sensitivities or food sensitivities. They also contain prebiotics and fiber to keep your pup satisfied and healthy! This food comes in Puppy Mini for smaller breeds and Adult Medium and Maxi sizes for larger dogs.

Chicken & Eggs

This recipe offers high protein with minimal carbs. The chicken used is free-range and from Italian farms; Omega-3 and omega-6 codfish oil blend helps nourish skin and coat. Furthermore, pomegranate and dried sweet oranges provide extra vitamin C and antioxidant benefits.

This recipe for dog kibble features whole spelled, an ancient variety of wheat that’s more nutritious than modern varieties, providing B-vitamin, magnesium, and fiber benefits. In addition, oats add protein-rich fiber for additional nourishment.

Quail in this food provides lean animal protein rich in iron and phosphorus for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies and offers dehydrated fat- and vitamin-rich fat sources. Furthermore, this product features fennel and mint that help to promote digestion by helping prevent gas formation within their digestive system.

Animal Fats & Oils

A healthy pet requires high-quality fats, proteins, and oils derived from animal or plant sources and either saturated or unsaturated – such as poultry fat or beef tallow; herring oil offers additional omega-3 benefits thanks to its rich omega-3 fatty acid composition such as linoleic acid (LA), alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and arachidonic acid (AA).

N&D pet food contains other key ingredients, including yeast extract for supporting digestion, brain function, and red blood cell production; psyllium seed husk to eliminate toxins from your dog’s system; rosemary, turmeric, aloe vera, and green tea to strengthen organs and tissues while rosemary, turmeric, aloe vera, and green tea provide tone and strengthening to organs and tissues. Their quinoa skin and coat recipe also contains high zinc flavonoids and natural antioxidants – without venison, lamb potatoes, soybeans, gluten meal, or artificial preservatives or fillers – for healthy organs and tissues!

Vitamins & Minerals

Farmina stands apart from many food brands by not using grains in its nutrition for dogs (N&D) diets. Instead, they employ quinoa with a low glycemic index rating – helping your pup maintain ideal weight! Their recipes also contain vegetables, fruits, and supplements for added goodness; free-range Italian chicken, chicken fat, fish oil spelled and oats are rich sources of dietary fiber and B vitamins, while the company also incorporates chelated minerals for improved absorption into their formulas for more excellent digestible recipes!

FARMINA N&D Quinoa Digestion Dry Dog Food (Lamb, Mint, and Fennel) is a high-protein, grain-free option designed for adult dogs that are high in protein and grain-free. Available in 2.5 kg bags for small and medium breeds alike, its formula promotes healthy digestion while addressing food sensitivities while being specially designed to address any potential food sensitivities or sensitivities; additionally, fennel is added as an ingredient that helps prevent gas formation, ensuring no fart-induced farts!