Proper Cloth Review


Proper Cloth is making waves in the men’s custom shirt market with its impressive selection of fabrics that range from standard to performance grade.

Additionally, they offer extensive customization, including lapel style, button stance, pocket style, and collar style options.

Proper Cloth’s ability to customize has earned much praise from users and media outlets like GQ and the New York Times.


Proper Cloth is a trusted name in men’s custom shirting, featuring in GQ, Esquire, and The New York Times, among many other publications. They aim to offer customers quality, fit, and design options of unmatched excellence sourced from only renowned mills worldwide; customers can select formal dress shirts, casual dress shirts, and suits.

Proper Cloth is known for its outstanding customer service. While most subscription services only communicate through emails, Proper Cloth allows customers to schedule appointments at their flagship store in New York City to have fittings and view fabrics – giving each shopper the ability to customize their shirt according to personal taste and making them stand out among competitors.

Proper Cloth has earned a stellar reputation for fitting correctly the first time. They use modern technology and traditional tailoring methods to craft custom-fitted shirts for their customers – down to fractions of an inch! Customers are given complete customization control of every aspect of the fit, including sloping the shoulders, accommodating watches by making one wrist larger than another wrist or altering button stance to suit individual preferences.

Proper Cloth provides more than just fabric and design choices; they also offer accessories like cufflinks, belts, suspenders, and neckties to complement their products. In addition, lookbooks show different ways their shirts can be worn to provide inspiration and show how these pieces fit into everyday life.

The website is highly comprehensive and organized. Photos and written descriptions provided help customers comprehend the quality of their shirts better. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to leave feedback by being offered a $5 store credit per review they submit; this gives customers an understanding of quality while building trust in the brand.


Proper Cloth offers an incredible variety of designs. Creative types will find plenty to keep them busy with fabric choices, patterns, and thread count counts; while those less inclined towards creativity may find selecting just one design daunting. This is particularly true if this is your first experience wearing made-to-measure clothing!

Seph offers plenty of context on his website to simplify the process, such as providing multiple fabric closeups and photos of completed shirts to demonstrate precisely what customers can expect when ordering custom clothing online. In addition, each detail – from collar, placket, cuffs, and darts – is clearly explained so customers understand exactly what they’re getting into when they buy custom clothing from Seph.

This is particularly essential when dealing with such a diverse selection of fabrics ranging in quality. Cotton may feel different than polyester or wool fabrics due to weave and thread count determining rate; weight also plays a factor since heavier cloth will have higher thread counts than lighter materials.

He also offers an easy way to find your fit – including measuring how your current best shirt fits and using an algorithm to find your ideal size. Furthermore, he understands that shirt fits can change over time; to help it remain optimally fitting, he recommends laundering before wearing to allow shrinking in crucial spots.


Proper Cloth offers a fantastic selection of fabric choices suitable for both performance and casual dress, including twills and broadcloths from Italy, Portugal, and Japan – including twills and broadcloths in terms of colors and patterns as well as various collar styles such as soft collars, spread collars and wing collars – in soft material with a single button or double button cuff options ranging from single to double button options.

Tall, Not Big has earned an outstanding reputation within the industry, receiving glowing reviews from blogs such as Broke and Bespoke, Style Girlfriend and Tall, Not Big, and media coverage in publications such as GQ, Esquire, and Inc. They’re made to measure shirts of top-quality fabric with extensive customization options; time and patience may be required to find one’s size. However, this company provides complimentary remakes should the initial shirt no longer fit perfectly.

Proper Cloth stands out among online custom shirting companies by their attention to detail and high-quality images of their shirts, with comprehensive photos that help customers who might not know precisely what they are seeing understand features like darts and split yokes. Furthermore, Proper Cloth provides an in-depth questionnaire that assists people in finding their ideal fit while offering full refunds if it does not suit them.

Proper Cloth has provided me with some excellent shirts. Their fabrics are soft, and the stitching quality has been outstanding; no tearing or unraveling issues were encountered when ordering my shirt(s). Although their length might differ from others I’ve worn in lower sitting positions than other options I tried, that doesn’t pose an issue for me.

I highly recommend Proper Cloth to anyone searching for a new shirt. Their products are high-quality and comfortable; plus, there’s an impressive array of fabric colors and patterns to select from – my next stop for shirt purchases!


Proper Cloth shirts are both comfortable and fashionable. Based in New York, this menswear startup provides an expansive selection of fabrics and designs for dress shirts and casual button-downs – everything from soft Portuguese plaid twill shirts to Japanese short-sleeve performance polos! Their customer service provides complimentary alternations or reordering.

This company uses modern technology to make ordering easier. Their website features an online questionnaire to assist with finding a perfect fit and their Smart Size algorithm that predicts shirt sizes for you. You can even book virtual consultation with one of their fitting experts should assistance be needed.

Customers can also look at the brand’s seasonal picks for inspiration and insight into specific fabrics or colors. At the same time, their website includes an informative resources page that details how to create their custom shirt from start to finish.

Proper Cloth is an accessible, user-friendly site with clear photos of every style that accurately represents fabric and detail. In addition, customer reviews and ratings help prospective buyers decide if the price of each shirt justifies it. Proper Cloth offers excellent options for building an elevated wardrobe on a tight budget; just be sure to compare prices from various tailors before making your final purchase decision.