Quince Clothing Reviews


Quince is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand offering sustainably made, high-end goods at affordable prices, such as cashmere sweaters, Turkish bath towels, and Italian leather bags. Their best-selling Mongolian cashmere crew neck (which sells for $50) became one of its signature garments, propelling Quince onto the fashion radar.

They specialize in classic styles that stand the test of time and partner with factories that value sustainable production and compensate their employees fairly.

Founded in 2020

Quince stands out with its direct-to-consumer business model by providing fashionable wardrobe essentials at competitive prices. Their top sellers are their washable silk pajama set, Mongolian cashmere robe, and Belgian linen sheets; other popular items include jewelry and home goods from factories worldwide, which ship directly to customers; these products use Good Cashmere Standard-approved sustainable cashmere, which has also been certified cruelty free!

Quince goes beyond sustainability by paying fair wages to its factory workers and minimizing corporate overhead costs. This helps maintain low prices without compromising quality; by cutting out middleman costs like those found in traditional supply chains, such as agents, warehouse space rental costs, wholesaling fees, distribution services, and storefront retailing operations.

Quince aims to add style, functionality,, and ethical production to modern wardrobes. They take great pride in reducing their carbon footprint by using recycled materials and eliminating virgin plastic packaging; working only with factories that pay equitable wages while offering safe work environments; this model has enabled rapid expansion for their company; recently, they received venture capital funding aimed at further propelling this growth.

Quince Cashmere Sweaters are essential pieces for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe. Lightweight, soft, and warm, it offers a flattering fit on most body types while being much more affordable than competitors’ $150 cashmere sweaters. At $50 each, Quince sweaters make a fantastic value proposition!

Young DTC retailer Intimissima shows great promise, and its future looks promising. Their products have already received glowing reviews, and customer support is exceptional – making this brand an excellent option for teenagers looking to upgrade their wardrobes. Intimissima stands out as environmentally friendly while expanding product offerings further; even celebrities such as Blake Lively and Jennifer Garner swear by Intimissima products!


Quince offers high-quality, sustainable basics sourced directly from its factory. Utilizing eco-friendly dyes and organic cotton fabric, as well as factories that pay fair wages to their workers. Furthermore, their fabric sources are ethically sourced without using harmful chemicals. Quince uses a direct-to-consumer business model to reduce carbon emissions while eliminating the need for warehouses, distributors, or storefronts – their minimalist compostable packaging allows direct shipment directly from the manufacturer for reduced shipping costs.

Quince Clothing stands out as one of the more stylish and affordable sustainable clothing options, boasting prices comparable to luxury fashion labels without compromising quality. While their dresses may cost more, you’re bound to find some fantastic deals online at Quince!

Although many may assume that ethical practices will cost more, Quince disproves that notion. By eliminating middlemen and only working with factories paying fair wages; using organic and sustainable materials like linen and wool; and cutting down corporate overhead expenses to provide low prices without up-charging customers; Quince proves this belief false.

Quince offers an elegant website and limited product selection to keep its prices affordable, featuring only what is in stock for each category and making it easier for customers to purchase exactly what they need while helping Quince avoid overstocking warehouses that release harmful chemical vapors into the environment.

Quince differs from traditional retail in that their inventory changes seasonally, quickly replacing items not selling well with something new. It should be noted, however, that, unlike typical manufacturing-on-demand models, their goods are air-shipped directly from the factory. However, without conducting an exhaustive carbon inventory study, it would be hard for Quince to determine whether this approach saves them any money on shipping emissions costs.

Everlane and Quince share similar values regarding transparency and working with factories that practice responsible practices, as well as prioritizing eco-conscious production methods like using organic and recycled materials, and Fair Trade certifications. Both brands strive toward eliminating all virgin plastic production altogether as part of a commitment toward zero landfill waste and employ factories offering safe workplace environments that produce products as locally as possible.


Those looking for luxury leggings, cashmere sweaters, or versatile belt bags may be dismayed that they aren’t cheap. However, DTC retailer Quince provides stylish wardrobe essentials at reasonable prices.

Sustainable fashion brand Everlane is making waves, offering fashion basics that look and feel high-end at mid-tier prices. Their transparent pricing model gives shoppers an accurate picture of what their expenses include for materials, production, shipping, credit card fees, and overhead costs, giving shoppers an understanding of exactly what their purchase includes.

Quince Clothing products are built to stand the test of time. Their clothes use premium fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, and ethically sourced yarn free from harmful chemicals – plus, items are shipped directly from manufacturers, which helps cut out middlemen and reduce carbon emissions and water waste while providing an environment-friendly solution. Furthermore, only factories committed to worker safety and equitable wages partner with them.

As Quince grows its product offering, it becomes apparent that they are an organization to watch. Their current offerings include a $50 Mongolian cashmere crew neck that reviews describe as being “so-o-o soft” and their popular cashmere joggers, which have become the uniform for WFH events – they’re lightweight yet super comfy, providing the ideal transitional piece between spring and fall seasons.

Not only does the company specialize in clothing, but they offer an assortment of home goods and accessories, such as towels, bedding, and luxe leather bags that can make an incredibly stylish statement without breaking the bank.

Quince has become a go-to brand among celebrities, bloggers, and consumers. Offering stylish designs at competitive prices and offering 365-day return policies makes Quince well worth exploring; just be sure to read reviews carefully before making purchases; though some reviews may be falsely positive, most are honest reviews written by customers of Quince themselves and available customer service is readily available should any issues arise or questions be raised regarding any products sold by Quince.


Quince is a direct-to-consumer clothing (and more!) brand offering high-quality basics at unbeatably reasonable prices. Their commitment to sustainability means they only work with factories offering equitable wages and safe working environments for workers, while cutting out most traditional supply chains’ middleman is keeping costs low, thus passing savings directly onto you!

As a result, you’ll find everything from silk camis and dresses to cozy cashmere sweaters and transitional robes at prices you won’t be able to beat – all at unbeatably affordable prices. Their 365-day return policy gives you plenty of time to try them without risk.

Quince stands out among budget-friendly essential brands due to the quality and design details in their fabrics and designs. Their washable stretch silk cami features adjustable straps at both the neck and back for extra support as well as double-layer bust support with a subtle sheen, making it feel luxurious; similarly, their double-lined dress made of the same material has a similar fit yet has more slinkiness due to being double lined.

Quince only utilizes high-grade mulberry silk in their products. Furthermore, their sustainable fabrics come from suppliers adhering to stringent environmental and labor standards – one of the few DTC brands offering certified organic cotton and ethically-sourced linen and wool products.

Although only recently launched, this brand has already generated excitement over its best-selling pieces. Their washable silk pajama set was popular with R29 readers and had over 2,000 people waiting until it finally returned to stock last week; also loved were their $50 Mongolian cashmere crew and robe.

Quince is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by using recycled materials in their accessories and bags, prioritizing minimal packaging waste, shipping directly from the factory to you for reduced waste, as well as working now with makers who can adjust orders as necessary to create quality products at an affordable price point.