Pru Life Philippines Investment Review


A regular Filipino’s financial tools should include affordable retail investment products. However, many Filipinos still fail to see the value of investments as a means to save for their future.

Pru Life UK’s asset management and trust corporation provide special funds to help Filipinos achieve their financial goals through pure investments. This helps to secure more Filipinos financially in the years ahead.

PRUlife Your Term

Pru Life Philippines offers a range of investments that help you save money and grow your savings. This can give you financial security if you ever get sick or lose your job.

PRUlife Your Term is an affordable term product that offers coverage for one year with the option to renew. It can be availed for a premium starting at PHP 8,000*.

This policy can also be upgraded to include additional riders, such as a living needs benefit. It is available for ages 0 to 85 and can be quoted online.

This product can be a good choice for millennials and young professionals looking to save money and create a lasting legacy. The policy comes with flexible premiums and death benefits, as well as the potential for cash value accumulation.

PRULink Assurance Account Plus

PRULink Assurance Account Plus is an investment-linked life insurance product that allows you to save money while gaining the benefits of insurance coverage. It also has a built-in loyalty bonus which increases your fund value.

Pru Life UK Philippines offers a superior selection of funds that cater to Filipinos who want to achieve their financial goals through pure investments. Its funds are managed by the top retail fund managers in Asia, including Eastspring Investments.

Variable Universal Life (VUL) is a permanent life insurance policy that pays living and death benefits with an investment component. VULs are different from term life policies, which only last for a certain amount of time, typically 20 years.

It also has a flexibility feature that allows you to reduce the basic sum assured at anytime but not more than once in any policy year. The minimum reduction is $10,000. It also has a built-in disability benefit that advances up to 100% of the basic sum assured in case the life insured is totally and permanently disabled.


VUL (Variable-Whole Life) insurance is a financial product that provides living and death benefits. It also allows you to save money and build your wealth.

The best VUL investment options in the Philippines can help you build your savings and get financial protection for a lifetime. But how do you know which one is right for you?

In a VUL policy, your premiums go to a fund manager, who invests the money in securities. It’s similar to investing in stocks or mutual funds, but with less risk and higher returns.

However, cash value in VUL investments is subject to market volatility just like other assets. If the market goes down, it can be difficult to keep up with your investment.

Unlike term insurance, which focuses on protection only, VUL products combine both insurance and investments in one single product. If you’re a disciplined investor with the time and knowledge to study and predict market movements, VUL may be for you.

PRULink Invest Peso Max

Pru Life Philippines recently launched a new unit-linked life insurance product called PRULink Invest Peso Max that allows you to save money and build your retirement nest egg. It has the best features of both traditional and investment-linked life insurance products with a variable life benefit, so you can grow your wealth as you progress in your career and meet your financial goals in years to come.

It’s a peso-denominated, single-pay VUL policy that lets you invest in a diverse portfolio of funds to help your money grow. It offers a guaranteed death coverage of 110% of your invested capital6 or the value of all units in your policy account, whichever is higher.

It’s an excellent choice for young Filipino professionals who want to start their own business, BPO employees saving up for their down payment on a first apartment, and young couples seeking to give their children a secure future. The plan also includes various health and accident riders, so you can tailor your life cover to suit your needs.